Could your debt be leading to unhealthy habits?

If your stress and anxiety levels are increasing, you’re not alone. The Covid-19 pandemic has led to feelings of uncertainty, worry or distress, and when coupled with job losses, money problems, and health worries, this can all increase stress levels. In the UK, 8.3 million people are over-indebted, and this makes them highly vulnerable to financial shocks such as job losses or large unexpected bills.

But that’s not all – debt and stress can make it harder to lead a healthier life. When stressed, people often start comfort eating, use alcohol to relax, smoke more than usual or even take up the habit. Stress can also lead to a reduction in physical activity, while debt means people can find it hard to afford healthy food, and so they eat more junk food.

Our new blog provides tips on how to combat stress, unhealthy habits, and links to helplines for managing debt.

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World Cancer Day

At the beginning of February, we celebrated World Cancer Day, and actively supported the Union for International Cancer Control's (UICC) Solidarity Challenge.
Our Executive Director of Science and Public Affairs, Dr Kate Allen features in a short video, in aid of the challenge, to highlight why our focus on cancer prevention through diet and physical activity is so important in helping people reduce their cancer risk.

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A week to Prevent

A date for your diaries! 20–26 March is Cancer Prevention Awareness Week, our annual campaign to raise awareness of our Cancer Prevention Recommendations. We'll be focussing on helping people understand what steps they can take to reduce their risk of developing cancer, through making healthy lifestyle changes. There will be lots of opportunity to get involved and support our activity, particularly through helping us spread the word.

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Go fizz free

This month celebrates Fizz Free February, a time for us to kick the sugar-sweetened drink habit – one of our 10 Cancer Prevention Recommendations.
Did you know a 500ml bottle of cola contains over 13 teaspoons of sugar? Imagine putting that in your cup of tea. 

Come on, let's cut the sugar »

Year of the Ox

Happy Chinese New Year! We have some delicious Chinese recipes that are perfect for any festive dinner! Our recipes include chicken noodle soup, prawn stir fry with ginger, oriental fishcakes, and much more. You can even watch our Chinese New Year recipe video to get inspiration on what to cook.

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