Welcome to the 2020-21 School Year! In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, The Foundation Schools continues to provide a robust distance learning program. We are aware of the difficulties some of our families have faced with this format and are committed to helping each one prepare, plan, and adjust to the new educational landscape. Our goal is to provide educational services that will keep students engaged in the learning process through a combination of face-to-face virtual instruction and additional staff-supported independent coursework. We are working hard with our students and their families to ensure that each child's experience is positive and full of learning opportunities. We miss seeing our students' faces and receiving their hugs and high-fives, but are excited to provide them with an engaging distance learning program!

-Principal Wilson

Canvas Virtual Classroom

All of the students attend their virtual classrooms through our new educational platform Canvas. Canvas is a web-based learning platform that allows teachers, parents, and students the ability to access and navigate online learning. Teachers post, grade, and manage assignments while students and parents can submit assignments in one convenient virtual classroom.

Rewarding Perfect Attendance!
To be marked "present' for the school day, students must log in and participate in their class. We take pride in rewarding students with perfect attendance for the entire month with special certificates mailed home with Amazon gift cards.

Virtual School Store Opens!
We are tracking our students' behavior and rewarding their progress through our virtual behavior management program, Kickboard! Students earn daily school bucks for attending and participating in class.

Technology Issues- Support for Parents and Students!

We have set up a system for parents and students to contact our unofficial IT guru, Mr. Boggess!  He is available to help parents and students solve basic technology issues. To back him up, our IT support staff is always ready for the more complicated technology problems. Mr. Boggess' knowledge and help have been invaluable!
The Foundation Schools continues to provide a rigorous distance learning program that will keep students engaged in the learning process through virtual instruction aligned with graduation requirements. We are very proud of our students for rising to the challenge. Through all the tech issues and adjustments to the learning platforms, students have persevered. We want to give a huge shoutout to our supportive parents that have invested in the distance learning program as well. Their support has been key to the success of our students.

-Principal Young

Virtual Classroom Platforms

Our students attend their virtual classrooms through Google Classroom and Zoom Education. Google Classroom makes it easy for students, teachers, and parents to connect and navigate online learning. Students can organize their work, track their assignments, and communicate with teachers and peers. Students attend live virtual instruction sessions through Zoom Education.

Incentives for Participation

Although logging into virtual classrooms consistently hasn't been easy for some, to tackle this challenge, we rewarded students who attended afternoon classes everyday for two weeks with a $25 gift card and a goodie bag! Congrats to Martrell, Aaron, Elijah, Keontae, Curtis, Nathaniel, Zalra, and Antonio who received this incentive and demonstrated their commitment to their education.

Engagement in Learning

Our science class learned how physical and chemical properties react to each other in a fun and engaging way. They combined Skittles with either vinegar or water and observed how the acid in the vinegar dissolved the Skittles faster than the water. 

Staff Shout-Outs

Our staff are working incredibly hard to deliver a quality distance learning experience for our students. We'd like to shout-out Dedicated Assistant (DA) Ms. Tamika Atwater, named our October "Superstar Employee," for her outstanding work outside of her DA duties. She assists with lesson development, tracks attendance, communicates with parents to encourage their engagement, and supports students during break out sessions. Congrats, Ms. Atwater!

Students Receive LEAP Awards

Through the Life Enrichment Awards Program (LEAP) grant, eight of our students will be better prepared to transition to their next adventure after high school. Award recipients are students who are actively engaged in the secondary transition process, and the items awarded are directly linked to their transition plan and implementation. Students have been awarded resources, such as laptops and cosmetology kits, needed to pursue their career goals as they plan for life after high school.

Alumni Greatness!


We are so proud of our alumni! Alumna Kiarra is currently engaged in workplace readiness training to develop social and independent living skills, such as communication styles and financial literacy, through the Rehabilitation Services Administration (RSA). Meanwhile, alumnus Marquette is on his way to completing his security guard training program online. Congrats to Marquette and Kiarra for taking these important steps to secure a successful future during these challenging times!
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