November 2016

Business Security
and the Holiday Season

The holiday season is finally here! Here is a collection of our most popular articles to help you increase your business' security and reduce your processing costs.

Seven Ways to Lower Your Monthly Processing Costs

The holiday season is here and a lot of our merchants will be processing more transactions and higher volume. One of the easiest ways to reduce processing expenses is to process your business’ transactions correctly. Here are a few small steps that could save your business big this holiday season.

Every Merchant needs to be PCI Compliant — Even You

Being able to accept credit card payments is very enticing to merchants, whether it’s a local corner store business or a nationwide big-box retailer. By accepting electronic payments, however, a retailer is also taking responsibility for the protection of sensitive cardholder information. While protecting credit card information may sound intimidating, there is a systematic approach in place for merchants to increase their security: the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard, or PCI DSS for short.

An Introduction to Chargebacks, Part II: Fighting a Chargeback

Even businesses with the most proactive security policies in place can fall prey to chargebacks, especially e-commerce merchants. A strong documentation policy, proper display of terms and conditions, and impeccable customer service can limit most chargebacks – but not all. While the burden of proof lies upon the merchant in most cases, it is not impossible to win a dispute. There are some methods that may lessen the frequency of a chargeback occurring and minimize time spent handling those that do occur.

An Introduction to Chargebacks, Part I: Chargebacks and How to Prevent Them

In the ever-growing and ever-changing credit card processing industry, keeping merchants up-to-date about business security and fraud is a major priority. As explained in our previous security articles, cyber criminals and data thieves cost businesses millions each year. But there is another threat to your business that is discussed less frequently, yet is as damaging as any data breach: the chargeback.

Important Merchant Reminder

Your merchant account is valuable. Several of our merchants have contacted us recently with questions or concerns regarding phone calls, letters, or visits from individuals or automated messages purporting to be representatives of “your merchant services company,” "small claims/small business claims," and/or Visa/MasterCard. While they may not state they work for Advanced Merchant Group, these companies do not dissuade you from thinking that they are representatives of our company.

These individuals will attempt to have you fill out new forms under the guise of “updating information” or “ensuring your business is compliant” but they are really trying to switch your merchant account to a different company/provider without you realizing it. They will also try to sell or lease you a credit card terminal at a high premium and insist that you need to buy this terminal now or your business could face major consequences.

If you receive a phone call from someone claiming to be your merchant services provider and have any doubts concerning the legitimacy of the caller, hang up the phone and contact us directly.
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