As the seasons change and we gear up for the winter, we reflect on all of the projects the KJWF has been embarking on.  Join us for an update!

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The KJW Crew at Walk-for-Wishes with the South Dakota Make-A-Wish President, Paul Krueger.

Foundation Happenings


How exciting!  Our very first newsletter!  We have been extremely busy as the Fall season winds down and Winter begins. 

I (Kelly) have been working away on the 501(c)(3) application to become a non-profit and had a "success" here recently when I received the official signed and sealed certificate from the South Dakota Secretary of State - meaning that the state of South Dakota views us as a non-profit!  I really needed that boost of confidence while navigating my way through this sometimes tiresome web of documents.  I have also been taking a grant-writing course and have learned so much more than I thought I could know and am grateful that there are people out there to help our foundation grow!

We are also working hand-in-hand with Tech4Eleven out of Rapid City for our website.  You should have heard our households when the up and coming page arrived!  You would have thought Jack Johnson was driving through town.  I can only imagine what the final product will look like - so exciting!!  Creating our stories, picking out photos, editing videos, etc.  It is going to be amazing so keep checking back for more updates on that!  Our launch date is currently set for December 1st!

We participated in the Make-A-Wish Walk-for-Wishes in Rapid City and volunteered at the South Dakota Special Olympics held here in Spearfish this year.  We celebrated Kenadi's 6th birthday on June 27th with sidewalk chalk, a balloon release, a surprise flash mob, fun at the water park, and cake for EVERYONE swimming that day.  We also, in honor of Kenadi's favorite pastime, donated several books to the local library and decided that this would be one of our traditions every year. 

More recently, we met with a few different playground equipment representatives: (1) Rod Rick from Landscape Structures and (2) Les Giddens from Game Time.  Both traveled quite the distance to meet with our eccentric family and both gave amazing presentations and really got us creatively thinking about the possibilities for an all-inclusive playground.  We loved seeing all of the options for play equipment, but even more than that, we loved seeing children of ALL abilities playing side-by-side ... and that is really the overall goal for Kenadi's Playground.  We are still researching all of our different options and seeing what is all out there, but the information we have so far is mind-blowing ... it's going to be out of this world inspirational!!

Finally, we are currently planning for our future fundraising activities.  Please let us know if you would like to volunteer or be part of any of our events.  We would love to have you and are very pumped about these upcoming fundraisers!

Thanks for all your continued support and prayers!  We love you!!


We have had several wonderful supporters hold fundraisers for the KJW Foundation including our good friend Lindsay with Lindsay Rose Photography and her Spring Mini Sessions.  Thank you to everyone who has helped with or held one of these events!

Kelly at her proposal writing class with Tom Allen.  Being the only student in his class proved to be extremely beneficial and by the end of the three week class he stated, "I truly believe in what you are doing!"  Tom just recently made over $100 million in his grant writing efforts for several organizations.

Providing Respite Care to area families has been something on our hearts since Kenadi was little.  Having someone come into the home with the type of experience and compassion that a special needs child requires is often met with no options.  We are currently offering ourselves as that option while we expand our experience and look into training opportunities.

Part of the KJW crew at Mountain View Elementary for one of the three tree dedications throughout the Spearfish community in honor of our Kenadi Jean.

Achievements since March 2014:

  • Spearfish Grace Balloch Memorial Library book donations
  • Spearfish Aquatic and Rec Center pass donation to a child with Myasthenia Gravis
  • Mountain View Elementary and McDonald's hands-free handicap door installation
  • Respite Care for several families with children that have disabilities
  • Three tree planting ceremonies
  • Proposal-writing class
  • Kenadi Jean Weis Foundation website construction with resources
  • Walk-for-Wishes and Special Olympics volunteering
  • Several meetings, tons of e-mails, and many phone calls for an all-inclusive playground planning
  • Articles of Incorporation submitted with South Dakota recognizing us as a non-profit foundation
  • 501(c)(3) completed and submitted!!
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