"Life fails to be perfect, but it never fails to be beautiful."

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Downtown Friday Nights
Our last Downtown Friday Nights for the summer of 2015 was held on Spearfish Main Street on Friday, September 4.  The crowds came out to listen to the live music of Blue Street, sample great food, socialize with friends and learn more about our foundation.
It was a great time for us and we are so thankful to Tom Willnerd with Great Western Bank who sponsored our information booth for this event.   Because of his generosity we had the chance to spread the word about our mission to create a world of acceptance and love for children of all abilities and their families. 
We offered temporary tattoos, stickers, old-fashioned candy, wristbands, locally-made jewelry and artwork, and, of course, information on what we’ve been doing for our community and our plans for the all-inclusive Kenadi Jean Playground.  We had the best bubble machine, featured our amazing chalk artist, Elsie, and enticed the balloon guy to station next to us.  
We look forward to seeing you all next season!


Butterfly Day

On Friday, September 25, 2015 we celebrated Butterfly Day at school.  The Kenadi Jean Weis Foundation and their sponsor for this event, Professional Mapping & Surveying LLC, along with the staff at Mountain View Elementary, provided an entertaining and educational morning.  We watched two Caillou videos, read the book, We Are All Alike, We Are All Different, made a one-of-a-kind craft project and held an interesting discussion about similarities and differences- how we are all people, all unique and beautiful even if we wear glasses, have uncommon hair, use assistance to walk, or are unable to speak. 

The KJW Foundation donated five other books to both the school and public library with the overall message being how we are all alike and different at the same time.  We are moving away from using the word disability instead promoting different abilities.

The following are some great ways to encourage a child's interaction with someone of a different ability.  
  • say, 'hello!' even if it to the person's caregiver
  • pay a compliment.  it's friendly, interactive and requires no response
  • ask questions.  knowledge is power
  • invite individuals with different abilities into your conversation
  • how we treat others is much more important than how someone looks
  • respond to a child's curiosity with honest answers
  • talk about differences in a positive and natural tone 
Let's work together to create a world where we can all live, love, learn and grow side-by-side. 
Our newest volunteers have truly stepped up to the plate and we would like to take the opportunity to thank them.
  • Christina Leonhardt for creating the custom fabric pattern, weighted lap pads to help calm kids with sensory disorders
  • Vicki Koehler as our quilter for the BHSU/ KJWF Basketball Night quilt raffle
We are always looking for more dedicated volunteers!  An informational meeting on The Kenadi Jean Weis Foundation was held on September 25th for those interested in becoming volunteers.

If you were unable to attend that meeting, but are still wanting to volunteer, please contact the KJWF at and we would be happy to have you!

Popular Shoe Brand Honors Kenadi

September 2015 will remain a historical event for the KJWF as well as for Kenadi's family as it marks the release of a boot created in honor of Kenadi Jean by the amazing company, Pediped.

Introducing, The Kenadi Boot!  Designed in loving memory our of Kenadi Jean Weis.  
Gramma Jean first discovered Pediped at the former Little Me Boutique in downtown Spearfish.  The lightweight, soft-soled shoes were perfect for Kenadi and she actually became known for her cute footwear.  
Once she grew out of the soft-sole style, her mom (Kelly Weis) wrote to Pediped and asked if they would create a larger version of the lightweight shoe, designed for Kenadi, that she could wear for years to come.  

Well, Pediped delivered and created a shoe just for Kenadi!

After Kenadi's passing, Gramma Jean (Lori Deibert) wrote to Pediped to inform them of it and to thank them for their thoughtful and generous gift.

Upon hearing the news, Pediped could have sent their condolences and thanked Kenadi's family for their brief, but meaningful relationship.  But it did not and has not ended there!

Pediped contacted the KJWF to inform us that they would be designing and releasing a shoe named in honor of Kenadi.  Every purchase of the gorgeous Kenadi Boot comes with an additional gift in the form of a butterfly headband, information about our foundation, and a Kolor for Kenadi butterfly postcard.

Even better: for every colored butterfly postcard that Pediped receives in the mail, $1.00 will be additionally donated to the KJWF and the butterflies will be turned into a collage at Pediped headquarters!
So get out there and purchase your own pair Kenadi Boots and make a difference!

Boots can be purchase from and locally from The Wild Rose in downtown Spearfish.  If you see The Kenadi Boot for sale at any other local retailer, please let the world know by posting your find on our Facebook page!
For every boot purchase, a free gift is included.  Please color the Kolor for Kenadi butterfly postcard and send back to Pediped for an additional $1 donation to the KJWF.  And don't forget to snap a picture of your finished butterfly and use #kolorforkenadi to spread the word on Instagram and other social media!
A BIG thank you to Kendra Varadi of KV Apothecary who has chosen to donate $1.00 for every tin of Bottom Balm sold nationwide to the KJWF!  

KV Apothecary - handcrafted body products that matter has an entire line of fantastic natural body products.  The Bottom Balm is just one of those all-natural products that contains olive oil infused with calendula to provide and extremely healing balm for baby's sensitive bottom.
Yummy In My Tummy: A Kenadi Favorite
Randpa's Grilled Salmon
  1. Send Cory to Alaska to catch Wild Salmon from the cold, pristine waters.
  2. Go to Common Grounds in Spearfish when he returns and purchase a King Fillet.
  3. Have Randpa check the fish for pin bones; pat dry and season with lemon pepper, garlic powder, and salt.
  4. Place salmon on an oiled grill preheated to medium high.
  5. Flip over with a flat spatula after a few minutes and finish cooking.
  6. Enjoy hot-off-the-grill or warm up leftovers the next day with a little lemon juice and pasta.

See on you the court!

Mark your calendars for February 6th for the first ever (but hopefully not the last) Black Hills State University / Kenadi Jean Weis Basketball Night!
BHSU will host members and volunteers of the KJWF for both the men's and women's basketball games that evening.  There will be halftime games and entertainment, a 50/50 drawing, a silent auction and *drumroll please* a chance to win a custom-made BHSU T-shirt quilt!

This quilt was hand-crafted by volunteer Vicki Koehler and was created from vintage, as well as new, BHSU T-shirts and a soft, minky backing.

Tickets are currently on sale and can be purchased by any KJWF board member or by emailing  They are priced at $2 per ticket or $5 for 3 tickets.  All proceeds from the basketball night and the quilt raffle will be used to fund the Kenadi Jean Weis Memorial Scholarship for a graduating Special Education major at BHSU!

The winning ticket will be drawn on February 8th at 9am at The Joy Center.
Purchase your ticket now and we hope to see you at the game!
Sneak peek of the custom-made quilt!

"Sewn with love by Vicki
Commissioned by Kenadi Jean Weis Foundation
for Black Hills State University
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