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Kenadi's Christmas Stocking


Thank you to everyone who has been following us on our journey and has been supporting us in our endeavors thus far.

We don't have as many updates for you this go-around, but we wanted to take the time this holiday season to reflect on what matters to us most: LOVE.


Helen Keller once said, "What we have once enjoyed we can never lose. All that we love deeply becomes a part of us."

Kenadi is deeply a part of each and every one of us because we were given the opportunity to love her in her 5 1/2 years here on earth.

Family Christmas 2011.  Little known secret: we weren't really laughing because loud laughter scared Kenadi more often than not.

In this season of firsts without her, we take time to remember how much we loved her and continue to love her as we miss her presence - her giggles, her smiles, her squeals of delight, her all-knowing gaze, and her reflection of Christ's love for us.

We know that in our mourning there are also a lot of others in need of a helping hand (or hug).  That is why we are trying something extra special for Christmas this year.  In lieu of gifts, we are asking all those around us to PAY IT FORWARD.  It's that simple.  Do something kind for a friend, a coworker, a stranger...anyone in need of an act of kindness - and write it down.

Send your random acts of kindness (a.k.a. love) to us via snail mail (see address below) or e-mail ( and we will place them in Kenadi's Christmas stocking through the rest of the holiday season.

On Christmas morning, we will take the time to open and read each of your stories - knowing that with each kind gesture, we are making this world a more heavenly place.

Kenadi loves being the oldest grandchild, can you tell?
Opening gifts with 'Papa' KC and Mommy (top)
and meeting the man in the red suit (bottom)...does that Santa look familiar?

The Kenadi Jean Weis Foundation wishes each of you and yours a most blessed Christmas and Happy New Year!


Now get out there and get your kindness on!

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