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  March 2017   
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A Few Words of Encouragement to my Brothers and Sisters
About a year and a half ago my son gave me his fitness tracker so I could maybe see the value. I was skeptical, especially when I would look at the less than fantastic weekly summary. I gave it back to him, thinking that I could do better on my own. I couldn’t see myself putting out the money for one of these gadgets.
However, when GSI began offering a rebate for a fitness tracker, my son and daughter encouraged my wife and I to each get one. So we did; after all they are free.
Since the purchase, now that my son has his fitness tracker back, and our daughter and son-in-law have both purchased fitness trackers, a few things are different. I now seem to have a determination to compete with my children, and my wife. I set my goals for 10,000 steps, 10 flights of stairs, 3,000 calories burned, 8 km traveled, and 30 minutes of exercise that raises my heart rate to a certain point. Hahaha, it’s crazy that now in the evening, I find myself checking my steps, and if I need a couple thousand yet, I grab one of the dogs and go. Or, if I need a few more flights of stairs, I just do it, rather than admit defeat to a gadget, or my family. I’m also walking to more visits and meetings. It’s amazing how this fitness tracker, and my family, encourage me to get the exercise I need. Not only that, but my wife and I are in the lead most weeks in our family stats. We’re now challenging our children to get more exercise.
For any of you who know me, you know I like food. Yet changes are taking place here too as I log all my meals and constantly consider what I’m eating. Even if the amount I eat hasn’t changed, what I eat has changed greatly, and I’m healthier for it. In the last few months I’ve lost 5 kg, and my resting heart rate has gone from 84 to 68 bpm. O yes, and I have also set a goal to get a certain number of hours of sleep each night. It happens more often now, that I’m getting the rest I need. 
I want to encourage you to give one of these fitness trackers a try. Have some fun competing with a friend or family member, or even yourself, as you set your daily goals. 
In ministry, I know that visitation, meetings, Sunday preparations, Bible studies, confirmation classes, etc. do not contribute to my physical health; yet my body does need movement and challenge. I’ve learned something about myself in this process; and I’ve learned that it matters to my family, that I’m healthy. 
I’m very thankful that GSI is offering this encouragement to me, to be a bit healthier. That offer of encouragement is there for us all!  
Your Brother in Christ,

Rev Doug Miner
Messiah Lutheran
Assiniboia, SK
Fitness Tracker Rebate
To assist and support your personal wellness plan GSI is offering a rebate on the purchase of a fitness tracker. The rebate is up to $200 for those enrolled in single health coverage and up to $400 for two trackers in family health coverage.
Pick the fitness tracker that
best suits you!
To receive your rebate you must complete the Fitness Tracker Rebate Form and submit it to GSI along with a copy of your receipt dated between July 1, 2015 and December 31, 2017. We prefer electronic submissions.
March Life Events

Nutrition Month

Sleep Awareness Week
March 5-12
This particular week was chosen because we turn our clocks forward an hour this Saturday night, thus losing an hour of sleep.
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Looking for Board Members
Do you know someone in your congregation or organization that is interested in the care of those who serve in the ELCIC? If so, then please ask them to consider a position on the ELCIC Group Services Board.
Two directors' terms are ending in this fall and new four year terms will commence. We are searching for two energetic and knowledgeable people to fill those positions, in particular we are hoping to have a CPA or someone with a medical background join the board. Meetings are held semi-annually in Winnipeg. Anyone interested should complete a biographical data form found on our website and send it to our office.  For more information call the GSI office at 1-877-352-4247.
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