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Greetings, Here is a short report from last weeks Empathy Tent Team booth at Politicon in Los Angeles. Politicon is a conference with the political left and right. Major news outlets were there like, CNN, Washington Post, MSNBC, Fox, etc. Also present were political pundits, journalists, activists, and over 10,000 attendees. Our team;
  • made our movement visible,
  • listened to and talked with many hundreds of people,
  • brought people together in facilitated dialogue circles,
  • were able to connect with the media and did 10 to 15 interviews,
  • received much grateful feedback,
  • and much more (See full photo report.) 
This has given us a real momentum to move forward.

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I do not support the empathy moment and here is why

The sessions and panels had a lot of conflict, with pundits talking over each other and a lack of listening. People came by the tent and shared their frustration with the discord and told us,

"What you are doing here, is the best part of this convention!"  

We are now focusing on bridging the polarization with Left and Right Empathy Circles online and in person. We will announce shortly how you can get involved.

Edwin Rutsch
Director: Center for Building a Culture of Empathy
Founder: Empathy Tent
Some of our team. 
Building support for our movement.
Pundit Support. Michael Steele is an American conservative political commentator and former Chair of the Republican Party. 
Pundit Support: Cenk Uygur is the main host and creator of The Young Turks, an American progressive political and social commentary program. 
More constructive dialogue.
Pundit Support. Jonathan  Capehart is an American journalist and television personality.
More grass roots support. 
Practicing mutual deep listening.
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