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We wanted to let you know about our curated magazine of empathy related articles on the Scoop-it platform. It is an amazing resource of over 8,000 articles collected from the past 9 years. They are sorted by the following categories. 

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Over the past decade, teaching empathy has surged in popularity across United States education. Some schools may not teach it yet. Others may teach it as early as elementary schools. Some even give it a shot in middle schools and high schools.

But why is empathy important to teach? Isn’t it something that people are just born having? And if you do have to teach it, how can you teach a soft skill that's so conceptual and non-concrete? In this blog post, we’ll answer all of those questions so you can start teaching empathy  tomorrow!

Now that you’re motivated to teach empathy, let’s lighten the mood with some awesome empathy lesson plans! 

1. Developing Empathy (Teaching Tolerance)

2. Empathy in Your Classroom (The Teachers Guild) 

3. Be Fearless, Be Kind: An Empathy Toolkit (Hasbro & Ashoka)

4. Empathy Activities (Preventing Bullying)

6. Start Empathy: Diversity and Respect (Minneapolis Public Schools)

7. 4 Proven Strategies for Teaching Empathy (Edutopia)
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