Greetings Beloved Family,

This is such a special time of year, a time when family and friends will get together and celebrate in whatever way they have been moved.  I say to you enjoy this time of year for it is truly special.  Even in light of the direction that our world looks like it might be moving toward. We have the power to create the world that we see from within and manifest it on the screen called life.   

In fact this will be a very powerful time. The universe is postured to open and allow all of us to get on board, to fly free, and to plant loving seeds for the next six months.  I urge you all to take advantage of this time.  Open your hearts, allow love to pour forth.  Lay down the implements of division and pick up the tools of unity. Take some time to give thanks for all that you have and pray for the well-being of all of this wonderful creation.

We had a powerful and transformative Annual Great Mother Honoring and Celebration this past September and a love filled and overflowing Annual Osun and Sango Gathering this month.  We are delighted to share some of those morsels with you either for the first time or as a reminder for the New Year...

In the Spirit,
Iya Osunnike and Baba ji Koleoso  


Mother Earth Please Forgive Me

With the Name of God, Most Gracious, Most Merciful and in the Presence of Our Ancestors, Both Seen and Unseen

Dear Mother,
I turn now to ask your forgiveness in the part that I have played in your destruction.

I have stood by and watched as those I perceived to have power raped you and your natural resources.

I have been so self-absorbed in my rush to assimilate into this culture of more and more.  

I have used the excuse that I am the descendant of slaves, and that they, the power elite, are destroying you and not I. Yet, I take full advantage of your destruction!!!

I get in my air conditioned car and drive to work, burning up the gas from the oil they have taken from you.  I live in my air conditioned home, shop at supermarkets, and eat myself into ill health.

Oh my Gracious Mother, I ask that you forgive me.  I look into the mirror and I see a very selfish individual whose only concern is self.

Osunnike's Calabash

My Dear Sisters

This is the time of true Sacred Feminine awakening on our planet. It is so necessary NOW.  We must know who we are and what our individual and collective universal purpose is.  We must heal our wombs and the wombs of our sisters all over the world, and our Earth Mother's like the Lotus...we can rise Purified and co-create a better world for ALL of humanity beginning with YOU.

So the question that I would encourage you to ponder during this very challenging time on our planet and as we move into this next year and new season is "
What Blocks You From Giving Birth to A New Reality - and A New World??? Ask yourself this question within your sacred space, and with deep reverence and caring, place one hand over your Womb and the other hand over your Heart to help you better connect to your inner knowing and feel into your Sacred Feminine energy.  And then ask "What Am I Being Called to Create, Nurture and Transform in My Life and Bring Forth into the World that I May Not Be Hearing???
The answers are within you.  If you need support in reconnecting to your Sacred Feminine Power and Knowing we are here for YOU.  

Priest/Priestess Spotlight
By Baba OmiYale


Anatomical Odu

The reader reading this is using a body temple to cast Odu for Ori consciously or unconsciously through the grace of Orunmila.  
Ugh...Opon, Odu, Ori, Orunmila...what's that? (Google It!)

YOU are the reader.
You ARE the Temple.
You are THE Odu
You are the grace of Orunmila.

The incomplete diagram below only shows four of the major planes of Odu, one being for rotation.  There are at least 16+ major such planes and at least 256+ major and minor planes when combined.  These concepts are extensions of the work of Baba Medahochi (Ibae) and Baba Ifa Karade in an attempt to widen a doorway between the reader, healing, and the esoteric founded through Orunmila.

These planes become activated by a conscious intention.   The conscious intention acts as a source that resonates and harmonizes the body temple and emanates radially outward and inward.  
This active state is maintained by playfulness.  This intention is crystallized by meditation.  Is the reader still reading?  Did the reader dip into unconsciousness? It happens...breathe and re-read starting at the beginning of this paragraph.

The planes become inactive by unconscious intentions. This unconscious intention acts as a dampening catalyst to de-resonate and disharmonize the body temple.  The planes in the figure above begin to develop cracks, become cloudy and misalign.  It's not as bad as it seems...


YOU are the reader.
You ARE the Temple.
You are THE Odu
You are the grace of Orunmila.

Transforming Our Rage Into A Cosmic Love To Heal Our World

...Fuse or Fuel?

Many of us are experiencing pain, suffering and plain ole outrage during this time on the planet.  So much of this pain has become a cauldron that is blazing into rage regarding our presidential election and feelings of doom and helplessness.  We explored "The Silent Rage Within: Healing Ourselves and Our World" as the theme during our Annual Great Mother Celebration this past September.  And during our Annual Osun and Sango Fete held just this past weekend, we began to explore an antidote for transforming some of the rage in "Igniting Your Passion Through The Elixir of Cosmic Love."  

Take a look at what Webster says...
Rage (often called fury or frenzy) is a feeling of intense or growing anger.  It is sometimes associated with the fight-or flight response, and it is often activated in response to an external cue, such as an event that impacts negatively on the person.  The phrase "thrown into a
fit of rage" expresses the immediate nature of rage that occurs before deliberation.
If left unchecked...rage may lead to violence.

Some of the vehicles that pass on rage are...



Spiritual Community New Year Oracle Divination
December 2016 - December 2017

.....Osa Ika in Ire....

Ausar positive Maat negative

 With the Name of God, Most Gracious, Most Merciful and in the Presence of Our Ancestors, Both Seen and Unseen

Beloved Spiritual Family:

On December 25, 2016 the great oracles of
Orunmila and Tehuti were consulted to ascertain the energy governing our community for the upcoming year of 2017. The oracle of Orunmila spoke saying Osa/Ika in Ire (Otura Meji) and the great oracle of Tehuti spoke saying Ausar+ (tu chass) Maat- (tem chass).  Any time God speaks to us through the oracle we count it as a great blessing and this reading is no exception.

This upcoming year can be one of wonderful changes for all who are associated with the
Institute of Whole Life Healing. Change is so important and it is not necessary for us to point out to you the areas that change, you know, and this is a good year to initiate the changes. When we consciously focus on creating positive change for ourselves and within the world it can be transformative.  The energy of Osa, which carries the Oya, Kali and Durga deities, archetypal and elemental transformational energy, will definitely bring about change...yes LOTS of change.  It may be a mild change or a drastic change.  However it comes be sure that it is all up to God and you what kind of change and in what areas of your life it will be.  

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