Greetings everyone,
Baba and I are in Full Swing in preparation for our 14th Annual Great Mother Honoring and Celebration - Reclaiming our Ancient Royal Treasure: Through Ancestral Karmic Cleansing and Re-consecration - September 21-23 - Lexington, KY.  The weekend will be filled with mystical and magical rituals bringing us into alignment with Mother Earth's phenonemal vortexes, energy grids and ley lines that are embedded in our DNA.

And speaking of DNA, we'll experience Amazing Ancestral healing opportunities, reach across the lines of Ancestral Disconnection and Reclaim our Ancient Royal Treasures as you witness and participate in Baba's (King Elect) formal Coronation officiated by His Majesty, Eze Chukwuemeka Eri from the Iduu Eri Kingdom in Nigeria whose throne goes back and beyond 1087 B.C.

We will also honor and celebrate
The Great Mother's Newest
Sacred Feminine Mysteries Priestesses as they embark on their journey as conduits for the next Octave of Evolving Hu-manity.

In addition, the King Elect and His Majesty will also support us at the water, in an Ancestral ritual cleansing and re-consecration as we begin to energetically Reclaim our Ancient Royal Treasures and transform outdated soul contracts, unresolved ancestral issues and destructive cultural patterns.

So come on and join us in September as we "Collectively"
Reclaim our Ancient Royal Treasure Through Ancestral Karmic Cleansing and Re-consecration.  Be sure to register ASAP because we have folks coming in from around the country and the world, and we want to make sure to save a spot just for you.  We love you and appreciate your continued support.  
In the Spirit,


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