Greetings everyone,
We are sharing this reminder with you all again regarding our 14th Annual Great Mother Honoring and Celebration - Reclaiming our Ancient Royal Treasures - Through Ancestral Karmic Cleansing and Re-consecration - September 21-23 - Lexington, KY. 

We want you ALL to know that Baba and I continue to receive message after message regarding the necessity for the energetic cleansing, healing and liberation of our dark deceased individual and collective ancestral energy that is often trapped within our cellular body.  We will be experimentally delving into this work at our Great Mother Honoring and Celebration so that we can Reclaim our Ancient Royal Treasures.  This is our BIRTHRIGHT...Let's do this!!!

So, we're reaching out to
YOU again to join US.  And, with that said, we know that the energetic cleansing, clearing, healing and re-consecrating that we will be engaging in is definitely not for everyone.  And, we also know that many of YOU are very much aware of this dark deceased energy that has accumulated on this Earth plane for eons, and continues to affect ALL of US across the board. 

During our weekend together, on "sacred land," we are going to raise our energetic spiraling
Earth Crystalline Grids as we move together during this psychic evolutionary time we are ALL in, and begin "collectively" embarking on a mystical awakening that benefits ALL of humanity.  This Universal Energetic cleansing and re-consecration is so needed, not just here in Kentucky; perhaps within your own family lineage and maybe even the sacred Ley Lines and Portals within your hometown.

You see, this is going to be a "historically" eventful weekend.  We will be joined by
His Majesty, Eze Chukwuemeka Eri (Igbo King of Kings) from the Iduu Eri Kingdom in Nigeria.  During the weekend His Majesty and Baba (King Elect) will take us through a sacred Ancestral Bridging Ceremony.  This is history making in and of itself.  We will close out the weekend introducing our Newest
Sacred Feminine Mysteries Priestesses and His Majesty and Royal Chiefs will officially Coronate Baba as King of our spiritual community.  These ceremonial reconnections are going to be "historically" life changing for many of US. 

We will also have phenomenal
Soul Stirring Heart Lifting Musical and Artistic Performances, African Drumming and Dancing.  So, we're reaching out to YOU again to join US because the spaces are filling up faster and faster.  Please send in your $50 deposit asap to hold the few spaces available.  And the discounted, reserved hotel rooms close out August 13th.  Please reserve your hotel room NOW...

YOU soon!!

In the Spirit,


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