Are credit worthiness scores costing opportunities?  See the detail presentation prepared for you by your network connection on LinkedIn.
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Credit Worthiness Is a Factor

When applying for a job or being considered for promotion.  It pays to have a credit card company that offers free credit score monitoring and reporting.

Take advantage of offers from your credit card company offering the free FICO score monitoring as part of the monthly billing statement.  It can mean the difference between getting a job offer or exclusion from the short list when employers factor the risk of who can attain government clearance or meet public trust guidelines. While there are legitimate and established services that cost anywhere from $400 to $2500 annually for credit repair services, these companies do little to report and monitor your score and are largely a waste of money.  

Get the facts on this important service in the US.  We've put together a slide presentation for you to share with family and friends in the US who may be looking for a job, vendor or supplier contract where credit worthiness of the owner is a factor. If help is needed to improve poor credit scores, seek out a professional.  Attorneys are the best resource, but are often very expensive.  An alternative may be to use a legal membership organization, or ask an experienced credit repair specialist or loan officer for advice.  

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