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Bryan Litz goes over Ballistic Advancements at SHOT 2020

Applied Ballistics Mobile Laboratory 2020 Schedule

Applied Ballistics is pleased to announce the deployment of the Applied Ballistics Mobile Laboratory  for the 2020 shooting season.

The AB Mobile Lab will be able to deliver the science of accuracy where it’s needed most: on the range, with you, the shooter. To that end, we’ve created a robust, versatile resource to support scientific testing and other shooting activities and are making this resource available to the public.  We hope to see you at one of the events listed below!

April 3-4 Bushnell/ GA Precision match in MO
June 12-13 Nightforce ELR Steel Challenge in WY (tentative due to range change)
June 19-21 Vortex Sandstorm PRS Match in OH
June 27-King of 2 Miles ELR Match in NM
July 25-26 The Guardian Long Range / MTC Match in MI
July 31-Aug 2 WI Barrel Maker Classic in WI
Aug 21-23 Garmin Ringneck Ranch ELR Match in KS
Oct 2-4 Bushnell/ GAP Grind / in TN

Spring 2020 Applied Ballistics Seminar Update


After much consideration we have decided to postpone the Spring Seminar for this year.

Between the Applied Ballistics Mobile Laboratory schedule that starts in April,  as well as other current government contracts, the dates did not line up.  We also had hoped that the change to the ITAR regulations governing non-US attendees would be concluded by our deadline to decide but that was not the case. 
We will keep you posted on future AB Seminars as that info is decided.

Please be sure to check out our AB Training Division options as well as our AB Mobile Lab schedule.  We look forward to seeing you on the range!

Thank you,
The Applied Ballistics Team

Make sure your devices, software, and apps stay up to date


Standard AB Mobile Apps

We have recently pushed a large number of updates out which fixed a number of past bugs. Aside from the updates from Applied Ballistics some of the companies running the AB Engine have also pushed important updates which affect the AB Ecosystem. Please review the sections below to ensure the system you use is the most recent. 

It is recommended that users who are experiencing any issues after making sure they are updated to the latest version that you delete the app and perform a clean install. You should not be asked to pay for the app again.

AB Mobile App (iOS):
  • Updated to version 2.1.4
  • Fixed issues for iPad users with the Range Card not formatting properly.
  • Fixed issues where HUD text was not readable.
  • Aerodynamic Jump based on Twist Rate fixed.
  • Aerodynamic Jump based on Twist Direction fixed.
  • Sight Height/Offset decimal bug in metric mode fixed.
  • Bullets under 1 inch (rimfire) spin drift bug fixed.
  • Fixed white text on white background bug and dark mode bug.
AB Mobile App (Android)
  • Updated to version 2.2.7
  • Fixed menu lettering color issue.
  • Fixed the magenta range card some users were experiencing.
  • Aerodynamic Jump based on Twist Rate fixed.
  • Aerodynamic Jump based on Twist Direction fixed.
  • Fixed Zero Offset issue with Spin Drift.
To ensure your app is up to date simply visit the respective app store for your device.

Kestrel 5000 Series Devices

With integration into many new products in the AB EcoSystem the Kestrel Devices have undergone a number of recent firmware updates. These updates are important to the AB Eco System so it is recommended all users make sure you are on the latest version.
  • Current Kestrel Firmware Version is 1.37
    • In order to check your firmware version simply power on the device and a Ver number will be displayed as it boots up.
  • Fixes issues with Laser Range Finders.
  • Fixes Bushnell Ballistics and HUD Connection Issue.
  • Adds Accuracy 1st additional features.
  • Adds Kestrel HUD Connectivity with LRF's.
    • This allows for the Kestrel 5700 Elite, Kestrel HUD, and a compatible Laser Range Finder to all 3 work seamlessly at once.
  • Adds Max Point Blank Range feature.
  • Fixes minor bugs in the device.
You can find a complete list of all the changes for each firmware version here:

In order to update the firmware for your Kestrel please use the Kestrel LiNK Ballistics App.

AB Analytics Version 82

AB Analytics has been updated to version 82, please note the following changes:
  • Core update for support of Kestrel & Accuracy First Firmware compatibility.
  • Library Version updated to the latest version.
This update will be sent out via email to software users who have registered to receive email updates.

Website Changes In Progress

We are currently undergoing evaluation and updates to our website. We understand that some portions of the website are not back up yet, however we are working very hard to bring you an updated and easy to use experience with our new website. Any suggestions or features you would like to see back please send to and we appreciate your patience as we work to bring you a better experience.

Library Update 926 is live

AB Connect Library version 926 recently went out and is live in the AB Ecosystem apps which feature AB Connect. Here are the changes:

Added Bullets:
  • Cutting Edge
    • 0.264 125gr Lazer
    • 0.264 145gr Lazer
    • 0.277 115gr Lazer
    • 0.284 145gr Lazer
    • 0.284 185gr Lazer
    • 0.338 300gr Lazer
  • Federal
    • 0.277 136gr Edge TLR
    • 0.284 155gr Edge TLR
    • 0.338 300gr Edge TLR
  • Hammer
    • 0.264 124gr Hunter
  • Hornady
    • 0.243 90gr ELD X
  • Norma
    • 0.264 130gr Golden Target
  • Nosler
    • 0.224 77gr RDF
  • Prime
    • 0.264 130gr Match+
Updated Bullets:
  • Hornady
    • 0.224 75gr BTHP
  • Lehigh
    • 0.338 240gr FlashTip
  • Sierra
    • 0.243 107gr MatchKing Pointed
If you have any suggestions for bullets you would like to see added to our library, send your requests into

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