Aerodynamic Drag Measurement and Modeling for Small Arms –Improving on Ballistic Coefficients.
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Bryan Litz goes over some important knowledge in a short class at the Precision Rifle Expo before demonstrating the RADAR System.

Aerodynamic Drag Measurement and Modeling for Small Arms –Improving on Ballistic Coefficients.

Not long ago, the standard for computing ballistics solutions was the G1 form factor, which doesn’t remotely resemble the modern low-drag boat tail bullet. With modern technology, prediction modeling can be done using Custom Drag Models(CDMs) and Personal Drag Models(PDMs) over high resolution RADAR. Data like the BC SD of a users bullet, shot-to-shot variation and more can be measured giving a user more capability than ever before. We are set to release a number of articles which aim to help users learn more about these scientific intricacies. Here is the first of many to come:
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Bryan LItz discusses the key point of BC Variation from the 2019 Precision Rifle Expo

Using the new/advanced Bullet Library 101:

We have been sharing with you our progress on Personal Drag Model’s (PDMs) more recently. With this advancement in our library comes a couple of important changes to understand. The library now contains multiple versions of certain bullets. When trying to decide which bullet version to use, keep in mind the standard RADAR tested bullets will not be followed by an identifier. PDM IDs are notated in parenthesis.  As a general user you should be selecting the bullet without an ID. If you are a user with a PDM then you should select the bullet with the correct ID for you. For example, in the library under Berger 0.264 Target Hybrids you will find multiple options. 1 Option reads “Target Hybrid” and the other options read “Target Hybrid (#######)”. The bullets with IDs are PDMs and should generally be used by that person all other users should use the Bullet CDM without the ID.
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