Armed Forces Day Sale
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Armed Forces Day Sale.
On Saturday May 18th, 2019 join us in appreciation of all who serve our country for Armed Forces Day using coupon code ArmedForcesDay19. The code is for Saturday only so make sure you don't miss out!
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Applied Ballistics Spring Seminar is Fast Approaching.
We have 2 weeks until the Applied Ballistics Spring Seminar. There will only be 2 seminars this year, the Spring and the Fall.  Don't miss your chance to learn from industry insiders and receive exclusive discounts only available to those in attendance from companies like Vortex Optics, Garmin, Sig and more.
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Current Library Version 819.
We are currently on Library Version 819, and are looking for your recommendations to our next library update. If you wish to see a certain bullet added to our library then email us at with your request. Even if you think the bullet you are looking for is already in our library, we still want to hear from you. Multiple requests for the same bullet will serve to increase its priority on our test list.
Product Firmware/Software Check.
This past year brought with it a lot of changes across the entire eco-system of products. Because of this we created a list to make sure you are not missing out on any features of your product, but also to pass along important information. Many of the user manuals have been updated to reflect new features, new connectivity, or just overall changes in how the products function. Click on the user manual you want to download using the links below:

Click the links below to download the PDF User Manuals:
AB Mobile - AB Tactical - AB Analytics - Kestrel LiNK Ballistics - Bushnell Ballistics
Sig Sauer® BDX™ Devices
(Current Firmware Depends on Device)
The Sig BDX line of products saw its launch at the NRA Show last May. Since then the design team has been working hard to bring you the ecosystem it has now. The easiest method for keeping your BDX Devices FW up to date, is through the BDX app.
  1. Sig Sauer® BDX™ Devices (Variable)
    1. Best Update Method: Sig Sauer BDX App. The Sig Sauer BDX App can update the physical devices via Bluetooth.
    2. Important Updated Features of 2018:
      1. Connectivity to the Kestrel Elite.
      2. Connectivity to the Garmin Foretrex 701.
Before we move on to the next product lets discuss AB Ultralite (ABU) vs AB Elite vs AB External (ABE) systems found on the BDX Devices.
  1. Applied Ballistics Ultralite (ABU) Engine. This engine can be found in products like the Sig Sauer BDX Devices, Busnell App, Kestrel Ballistics, Kestrel 2700 and more. This engine benefits from access to the AB Connect™ system and our laboratory data. It was designed for ease of inputs and speed, so the inputs were simplified. This engine still gives the user sub MOA accuracy through supersonic. Maximum range calculations of ABU is 800 yards.
  2. Applied Ballistics Elite (AB) Engine. This engine can be found in products like the Sig Sauer 2400 ABS, Kestrel Elite, Garmin Foretrex 701, Wilcox RAPTAR-S, & More. The Elite Engine is capable of precision firing solutions beyond 2 miles and benefits from the AB Connect™ System. The AB Elite engine is capable of using the Custom Drag Model data which is RADAR derived. This eliminates the use of a BC, and provides an actual flight model of the exact bullet instead of referencing a standard (G1, G7, R4A etc.). This offers great benefits for LR, ELR, and Rimfire shooters not needing to fit a form factor for flight prediction.
  3. Applied Ballistics External (ABE). ABE is an inter-connectivity system which allows for products from different manufactures to communicate. This is what helps to create a networked ecosystem. Devices with ABE mode can share data between devices. In some cases this expands the capability of a device. For example the Sig 3000 BDX under ABU has an 800 yard limitation for firing solutions, but by connecting it to another device in the ABE ecosystem you can get firing solutions to 2 miles and beyond. That firing solution is displayed on both devices, and can even be displayed inside a compatible scope simultaneously.
Kestrel 5700 Elite & Sportsman
(Current Firmware 1.25)
The Kestrel line of products not only saw some new introductions like the Kestrel® Ruger® version but it also saw some great new features. The new Easy Mode which makes target setup a breeze and the new Target Card found on the Elite which allows for 10 custom targets that can be easily setup via your phone are just a couple notable additions. The Kestrel Elite can also talk with the Sig BDX 2400 & 3000 Laser Range Finders to get range and inclination for your targets. See below for more details:
  1. Kestrel Devices (FW 1.25)
    1. Best Update Method LiNK (Bluetooth) Versions: Kestrel LiNK Ballistics.
    2. Best Update Method without LiNK: LiNK Ballistics for PC & Mac
      1. Requires USB Data Transfer Cable.
    3. Important Updated Features of 2018:
      1. New Easy Mode.
        1. Designed for rapid and easy target setup by use of a walk through.
      2. Target Card with App Support.
        1. Supports the building of 10 custom targets which can be done through the KLB app or by hand on the device.
      3. Connectivity to the Sig Sauer BDX 2400 & 3000 Laser Range Finders.
      4. Added ability to update device latitude using GPS in your phone/mobile device.
    4. You can reference the entire FW Progression Change Log for the Kestrel Elite here: Kestrel 5000 FW Change Log
Garmin® Foretrex® 701
(Current Firmware 3.2)
The Garmin Foretrex 701 has become a very popular product due to its small size, wrist watch form factor, and ability to house the entire AB Library natively onboard. This device was also updated this year with the ability to talk to the Sig BDX products that feature ABE Mode. To learn more see below:
  1. Garmin® Foretrex™ 701 (FW 3.0)
    1. Best Update Method: Garmin Express
    2. Important Updated Features of 2018:
      1. Connectivity to the Sig Sauer BDX 2400 & 3000 Laser Range Finders.
    3. You can reference the entire FW Progression Change Log for the Garmin Foretrex 701 here: Garmin Foretrex Change History
Applied Ballistics Analytics
(Current Version 070)
Applied Ballistics Analytics received some updates during 2018. Which included more output data and library updates. To learn more see below:
  1. AB Analytics (V 070)
    1. Update Method: Download
    2. Current Library Version 811
If you are a user of AB Analytics and are not up to date. You can log back into our online store: and download the latest version through your account. Or you can contact us and we can get you the latest version emailed to you.
Applied Ballistics Profile Loader
(Current Version 070)
We continue to maintain the AB Profile Loader for users who wish to use their computer to build, store, and backup profiles for the Kestrel & Garmin devices using their computer:
  1. AB Profile Loader (V 070)
    1. Update Method: Download
    2. Current Library Version 811
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