NRFA newsletter. Issue 02. February 2015
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Welcome to the NRFA Winter newsletter

This is the NRFA newsletter is issued quarterly. We hope that you find it useful and that you can forward the newsletter on to your colleagues that may be interested in finding out more about new services and data provided by the NRFA.

Integrated Hydrological Units of the UK Released

The NRFA team have released a new freely available dataset of spatial reference units for hydrological purposes.

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Guidelines for Hydrological Data Rescue

The World Meteorological Organization (WMO) have recently released a new technical report "Guidelines for Hydrological Data Rescue" authored by the NRFA.

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The winter storms of 2013/2014 in the UK

The winter storms of 2013/2014 in the UK: hydrological responses and impacts paper is published in Weather, the journal of the Royal Meteorological Society.

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New British Standard for Hydrometric Data Management

In December 2014, the British Standards Institute published an updates "Code of Practice for the Management of Observed Hydrometric Data".

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NRFA attend the BHS Pennines Section Meeting

The NRFA were invited to present on their quality control procedures at the BHS Pennines Section meeting.

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NRFA Gauging Station Map – Give away

The NRFA has free hard copies of the Gauging Station Map available. To get you copy contact the NRFA and we will get one sent out to you. Ideal for school and university departments or even the office wall!


The National River Flow Archive is now on Twitter. Follow @UK_NRFA for announcements, news items and our ‘gauging station of the week’ feature.  You can assist the NRFA in raising its awareness among the hydrological community by forwarding news items to colleagues, and by sharing tweets with your own followers.
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The winter storms of 2013/14 in the UK: hydrological responses and impacts

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