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July 2014 Newsletter

From Bishop Peter –

For overseas readers, let’s firstly say that we are wading through the Highveld winter which is gloriously sunny but very dry and is going to be COLD this week! Freezing at night and only 13 degrees or so at midday.
But we are steadily making our way through, even if it feels like 4-wheel drive. Our Family Day on 16 June was huge fun as usual and we continue to take delight in the enthusiasm, warmth and godliness of masses of young people in our care.
Diocesan Council on 28 June was probably the warmest and most united I can remember. I licensed Maureen Simons as Senior Priest in place of Rod Greville who has retired – then we tackled the instruction from Synod to restructure our archdeaconries so that poorer township communities are linked ‘with the outside world’ and not just with one another. This is a mammoth task but we have some ideas about how to bring these new communities together during the Birthday Year in 2015.
Tea in Three Rivers definitely helped the spirit of the meeting, and then we tackled the implementation of the other resolutions of Synod- around environmental sensitivity in our church buildings, money and giving, and the rollout of the Five-Year Plan (which is now embedded in the home page of this website).
These resolutions are also on the website so that everyone can work on them.
If the title deeds arrive in time, we will be going ahead with the blessing of the new Chapel of Mary Magdalene in southern Sebokeng on 20 July after the annual Confirmation at St Augustine’s in Orange Farm.  The following weekend sees the AWF’s Quiet Day, and the following week we have the annual conference of all the Anglican schools chaplains here in the Diocese.
As usual Gill and I will take some leave in August and get back in time for the springtime Individually Guided 8 Day Retreat.
More news then!
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