The Detroit Future City (DFC) Implementation Office E-newsletter: Engaging and Empowering Detroiters through Open Space, The Buzz, and the Field Guide to Working with Lots

A primary role in Detroit Future City (DFC) Implementation Office’s efforts to steward the DFC Strategic Framework is to catalyze innovative concepts and recommendations that advance Detroit’s transformation. Detroit’s greatest liability is vacancy, both in buildings and land. Unlike citizens of some other major U.S. cities, Detroiters are uniquely empowered with the opportunity to transform vacant land in their community. This spring, several DFC Implementation Office initiatives exemplify how our organization serves the community and how the community serves to better quality of life in Detroit. 

Please see below for more information on the newly-released Open Space Report and The Buzz initiatives, and an update on the Field Guide to Working with Lots.

The DFC Implementation Office’s Open Space Report 
The DFC Implementation Office’s Open Space Report, “Achieving an Integrated Open Space Network in Detroit”, lays the groundwork for creating a new green and sustainable city that will improve the quality of life for all Detroiters. Open space is defined as structure-free land that is intentionally used. Building from the recommendations in the DFC Strategic Framework, the DFC Implementation Office worked with key stakeholders to create the Open Space Report, a comprehensive report that takes the essentials of the DFC Strategic Framework around open space, and outlines a set of considerations advancing the vision of transforming vacant land into an integrated open space network. 

The DFC Implementation Office’s Open Space Report lays out existing conditions, stakeholder feedback, and key planning considerations for each potential type of open space, recommendations for land ownership models, considerations for funding the open space network, and key policy, regulatory and legal considerations. The DFC Implementation Office developed this initiative to advocate for and inform a city-wide open space plan with robust community engagement that allows all Detroiters an opportunity to share in the recovery of the city.

Click here to read the Open Space Report.
The Buzz

Detroit barbers are entrepreneurs and leaders with establishments that are cornerstones in the community. Mowing is an important part of keeping our neighborhoods clean, safe, and social, while changing the everyday look and feel of the places where we live, work, and play. This spring, the DFC Implementation Office is launching The Buzz, a collaborative opportunity for Detroit-based barbers and mowers—whether professional landscapers, block clubs who know how to mow, or grounds crews from across the city— to work together through a series of activities to create barber-inspired mowing patterns for vacant lots in Detroit.

The Buzz will lift up existing, neighborhood-based entrepreneurs who are interested in showcasing how a multitude of voices, professions and skills can viably contribute solutions to Detroit's land management strategies through a dialogue about the potential of vacant land in Detroit. The Buzz is funded through the Knight Foundation’s Cities Challenge, and is a partnership that includes Urban Neighborhood Initiatives, the East Side Community Network, and the City of Detroit’s General Services Department.
For more information or to get involved with The Buzz, please email or call 313-259-4407.

The Field Guide to Working with Lots 

Spring has arrived! Now is an opportune time for Detroiters to reintroduce themselves to the Field Guide to Working with Lots . The Field Guide is a tool that provides step-by-step instruction to help Detroiters transform vacant land into a variety of landscapes. Using the Field Guide gives Detroiters the know-how, resources, and tools to create cleaner, safer, and more attractive neighborhoods, while improving Detroit’s water systems and creating jobs. The Field Guide is a web-based tool with 34 innovative lot designs.
In January 2016, the DFC Implementation Office awarded 15 mini grants to grassroots groups and organizations to implement Field Guide lot designs. In February 2016, a community sharing convening was held at the DFC Implementation Office to link grassroots groups and organizations to each other in an effort to facilitate a network of connections and gather implementation information. Lot designs are expected to be installed and completed in June 2016. 
The DFC Implementation Office is excited to feature Ms. Dorothy Baker in the Osborn Community and Jeffrey Jones of Bounce Back Detroit in our Field Guide Blog: Lots of Stories. Ms. Baker is implementing the Four Seasons lot design in the side lot adjacent to her home and Jones is implementing the 8 Mile Rain Garden and the Urban Edge lot designs in the side lot next door to his home. Some other winners’ designs include, 360 Detroit’s implementation of the Rear Parking Partner lot design, which will provide off street parking and allow water to infiltrate the ground, and Urban Neighborhood Initiatives’ implementation of the Dumping Preventer lot design, which reduces the risk of illegal dumping on your lot by planting.

For updates regarding the Field Guide, engage on Facebook and Twitter, and follow #DFClots.
DFC in the News
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Crain’s Detroit Business: Kresge Foundation awards $1.5 million in grants for Detroit projects
DFC's Partnership with the German Marshall Fund
The DFC Implementation Office hosted a gallery exhibition celebrating our partnership with the German Marshall Fund (GMF) of the United States, through which we fostered a trans-Atlantic exchange of ideas, economies and dedication resulting in a collective body of knowledge to support the reutilization of Detroit. 

Click here for more information and images from the event.
Check out our Initiatives 
The DFC Implementation Office works with a wide of partners to cultivate initiatives that demonstrate how the recommendations of the Strategic Framework may be fulfilled. 

Click here for the complete list of initiatives.


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