The Detroit Future City (DFC) Implementation Office Latest E-newsletter: Vacant Building Reuse, Vacant Land Transformation and Welcoming New Team Member Esteria Rogan

The DFC Implementation Office continues to catalyze Detroit’s transformation using the recommendations in the DFC Strategic Framework to influence systemic changes from a citywide scale, to a neighborhood-by-neighborhood, lot-by-lot or resident-by-resident basis.  By taking this approach, the DFC Implementation Office has the ability to drive equitable transformation so that all city stakeholders, residents, community groups, partner organizations and government are equipped with information and resources to address quality of life for Detroit today, while setting a platform for realizing the Framework’s 50-year vision.
This summer, several DFC Implementation Office initiatives demonstrate how technical assistance, community engagement, and capacity building are the keys to creating inclusive vacant land transformation and adaptive reuse opportunities in Detroit. 
The DFC Implementation Office’s Vacant Building Reuse Initiatives
Brick + Beam Detroit
Brick + Beam Detroit is a partnership between Preservation Detroit, Michigan Historic Preservation Network and the DFC Implementation Office, and a winner of the 2015 Knight Cities Challenge. This initiative works toward creating a community for building rehabbers of all levels, facilitating opportunities for engagement and supporting local talent by providing an integrated support network.  A recent crop of new residents are planting roots in Detroit, buying vacant or neglected structures and investing sweat equity into rehabbing them. Brick + Beam Detroit offers residents opportunities for community sharing through classes, how-to demonstrations, online forums, rehab storytelling events, social networking, physical support kits called “Launch Boxes”, and more.  Brick + Beam Detroit partnered with 8 Mile Blvd Association to present the first Detroit Home Expo, which featured do-it-yourself classes, vendors, informational workshops and a skilled trades job fair at the State Fair Grounds on May 21.
Brick + Beam Detroit will be partnering with Michigan Historic Preservation Network for a one-day community revitalization event in the Jefferson-Chalmers neighborhood on Saturday, June 25. Join a work team to learn new home repair skills while improving our community!
Brick+Beam will also be presenting a workshop on how to assess properties at the Blight Boot Camp, also on June 25th, at Wayne County Community College.

The DFC Implementation Office’s Vacant Land Transformation Initiatives

The Buzz
This summer, the DFC Implementation Office is launching The Buzz, a collaborative opportunity for Detroit-based barbers and mowers—whether professional landscapers, block clubs who know how to mow, or grounds crews from across the city— to work together through a series of activities to create barber-inspired mowing patterns for vacant lots in Detroit. Mowers and barbers will come together for a meet and greet informational session to facilitate a dialogue about style trends and land management on Monday, June 20.
In July, The Buzz workshop will pair off mowers and barbers for a work day where participants will design, test and cut creative mowing patterns. Later the same day, there will be a community celebration to showcase the newly developed mowing patterns and to continue the dialogue regarding land stewardship in the community. In August, The DFC Implementation Office will host a gallery presenting photos, videos and profile bios for all participants.
For more information or to get involved with The Buzz, please email or call 313-259-4407.

The Field Guide to Working with Lots
Gardening season is here!  Now is a perfect time to begin your vacant lot transformation using the Field Guide to Working with Lots. Planting your trees, shrubs, and perennials now will ensure your plants will be able to establish themselves before the hot, dry months of summer.  The DFC Field Guide Mini Grant winners are making progress on their lot designs throughout the city.  Planting dates have been selected and lot design implementations are getting underway.
The DFC Implementation Office will be highlighting the winners in a series of blogs as they go through the implementation process, sharing the story of their lots and their lessons learned.  We have two stories to share with you that exhibit the importance of community engagement through grassroots collaborates aimed toward neighborhood beautification and safety.

If you are using the DFC Field Guide to Working with Lots to transform your lot, or a vacant lot in your community, please let us know! Send us an email at – we’d love to hear from you! For updates regarding the Field Guide, engage on Facebook and Twitter, and follow #DFClots.
Challenge Detroit
The DFC Implementation Office collaborated with Challenge Detroit for a land use project, an initiative that builds on the tools and strategies of the Field Guide by identifying resources to assist with implementing lot designs, continuing to build community capacity and providing feedback on the implementation process.
The Challenge Detroit design team identified a side lot on Detroit’s eastside where they were able to implement the Field Guide’s Urban Edge and Dumping Preventer lot designs to enrich the beauty of the site by transforming the vacant lot into an open space amenity. In five weeks, using community feedback, Challenge Detroit was able to successfully develop a flourishing greenspace for residents.
Click here for a video about the Challenge Detroit Land Use project.
The DFC Implementation Office Welcomes Esteria Rogan
The DFC Implementation Office is excited to have Esteria Rogan join our team as office manager. Esteria has nearly 20 years of experience in managerial and executive administration in metro Detroit, working in industries including non-profit, community development and real estate. Prior to joining the DFC Implementation Office, she worked with Focus: Hope for six years as a Community Involvement/Housing Specialist, where she facilitated the organization’s first housing program.

Prior to this position, Esteria served as the Property Development Manager for Habitat for Humanity Detroit, where she engaged with government bodies, community organizations and sponsors to help to raise public awareness on issues relevant to Habitat for Humanity mission to serve low-income families through homeownership, neighborhood revitalization and sustainability. 
Click here for more information about the DFC team.
DFC in the News
Detroit Metro Times: Weekly reader responses, Anika Goss-Foster’s response to Metro Times’ May 4 feature, “Collateral Damage."

WDET:  Anika Goss-Foster talks about “How Has The ‘Detroit Future City’ Blueprint For The City’s Future Fared?” 
DFC is an ArtPlace Finalist
The DFC Implementation Office is a finalist for ArtPlace America's 2016 National Creative Placemaking Fund.

Click here for information about the National Creative Placemaking Fund.
DFC Tools
The DFC Implementation Office is committed to participatory implementation of the Strategic Framework. DFC's website features a Tools page to connect, inform and empower Detroiters and others in implementing the DFC Strategic Framework’s shared vision.

Visit the page here

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