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                    November 2015 - Issue 13            
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Board Member News
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Susan T. Fiske, Chair
Laura L. Carstensen
Jennifer S. Cole
Judy R. Dubno
Robert L. Goldstone
Daniel R. Ilgen
Nina G. Jablonski
James S. Jackson
Nancy G. Kanwisher
Janice K. Kiecolt-Glaser
Bill Maurer
John Monahan
Steven E. Petersen
Dana M. Small
Timothy J. Strauman
Allan R. Wagner
Jeremy M. Wolfe

Member bios
Barbara Wanchisen
Tenee Davenport
  Program Coordinator
Vanessa Lazar
  Research Associate

Staff bios
Alfred P. Sloan Foundation
American Educational Research
American Psychological Association
Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation
National Aeronautics and
  Space Administration
National Institutes of Health:
   National Institute on Aging &
   National Cancer Institute
National Science Foundation
The Teagle Foundation
U.S. Army Research Institute for the
  Behavioral and Social Sciences
U.S, Department of Education,
  Institute of Education Sciences
U.S. Department of Health and
    Human Services:
    Office of the Assistant Secretary
       for Planning and Evaluation
     Substance Abuse and Mental
       Health Services Administration
William & Flora Hewlett Foundation


Recent Events

BBCSS Biannual Meeting

BBCSS held its biannual meeting this past October and the open session was marked by a lively series of presentations. Betty Tuller and Catherine Arrington of NSF’s Perception, Action and Cognition program led a discussion of gender parity in the cognitive sciences—board members were particularly surprised by a finding from their recent analysis that showed that women are less likely than men to resubmit research proposals after a rejection from the PAC Program. Todd Horowitz, of the National Cancer Institute, presented the challenges of medical image perception—the discussion centered on how to bridge the gap between the sensory science researchers and practicing medical professionals. Finally, board member Laura Carstensen spoke about life-span development and Fay Cook of the National Science Foundation gave an update on a range of NSF initiatives of interest to the board.

Recent Panel Session on Learning in Adulthood and Learning Disabilities

The Committee on the Science and Practice of Learning recently hosted two panel discussions, one on learning in adulthood and one on learning disabilities. Each panel also considered the appropriate role of assistive technologies. The wide-ranging presentations sparked lively discussions on how learning differs between early and late life and how and when assistive technologies are most beneficial and appropriate to aid learning in older adults, the role of context in the identification of learning disabilities, how such disabilities are defined, and considerations for the design of interventions.

Visit our webcast archive to view the presentations and review the agenda


From left to right: Presenters Ursula Staudinger, Columbia University; Phil Ackerman, Georgia Institute of Technolgy; Walter Boot, Florida State University; and Committee Chair Cora Marrett at the open session of the  third meeting of the Committee on How People Learn 2: The Science and Practice of Learning.

BBCSS Sponsors and Committee Members reach out to the International Research Community

Although the work of BBCSS is familiar to behavioral science researchers and policymakers here in the US, it’s not as well-known to our international counterparts. In that spirit, staff and committee members are always striving to reach new audiences.

In September, Measuring Human Capabilities study director Cherie Chauvin and committee members Stephen Stark and Patrick Kyllonen engaged the international research and defense communities at the International Military Testing Association’s annual conference held in Stockholm, Sweden. Attendees at this conference learned about the Academies’ study process from start-to-finish and heard from study sponsor Heather Wolters of the US Army Research Institute for the Behavioral and Social Sciences on the value of the study. She reported on challenges the U.S. Army faces to improve the efficiency, accuracy, and effectiveness of military testing, and how the MHC report recommendations are helping to shape future military research programs.

More information about the report



   Audience listening to Heather
   Wolters presentation
   Heather Wolters, U.S. Army 
   Research Institute giving a 
   presentations about the report

Board Member News

BBCSS is always happy to celebrate our members’ accomplishments both inside and outside of board activities. On that note, BBCSS extends warm congratulations to current member Nina Jablonski who was recently elected to the American Academy of Arts and Sciences and past BBCSS member, Valerie Reyna, who was just inducted into the National Academy of Medicine.

Upcoming Events

How People Learn 2: January 19-20, 2016 - This meeting will include public sessions (date and time TBD).  
The public session will be webcast.  

BBCSS Biannual
Meetings 2016

May 19-20, 2016
November 10-11, 2016

Meeting Information on the BBCSS Website  

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