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                    January 2015 - Issue 9            
In this Issue
New Chair and Members
Current Projects and Recent Events
Upcoming Events
Member Spotlight

Susan T. Fiske, Chair
Laura L. Carstensen
Jennifer S. Cole
Judy R. Dubno
Robert L. Goldstone
Daniel R. Ilgen
Nina G. Jablonski
James S. Jackson
Nancy G. Kanwisher
Janice K. Kiecolt-Glaser
Bill Maurer
John Monahan
Steven E. Petersen
Dana M. Small
Timothy J. Strauman
Allan R. Wagner
Jeremy M. Wolfe

> Member bios
Barbara Wanchisen
Tenee Davenport
  Program Coordinator
Vanessa Lazar
  Research Associate

> Staff bios
Alfred P. Sloan Foundation
American Psychological Association
Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation
National Aeronautics and
  Space Administration
National Institutes of Health:
   National Institute on Aging &
   National Cancer Institute
National Science Foundation
U.S. Army Research Institute for the
  Behavioral and Social Sciences
U.S. Department of Health and
    Human Services:
    Office of the Assistant Secretary
       for Planning and Evaluation
     Substance Abuse and Mental
       Health Services Administration
William & Flora Hewlett Foundation


New Chair and Members

Fiske Becomes BBCSS Chair

Susan T. Fiske (NAS) started in her new role as Chair of BBCSS on January 1st. Fiske is well-known for many scientific accomplishments including her work in social cognition, especially cognitive stereotypes and emotional prejudices, at cultural, interpersonal, and neural levels. She studies how people think about each other vis-a-vis the continuum model of impression formation, the power-as-control theory, the ambivalent sexism theory, and the stereotype content model (SCM). She has been a BBCSS member since 2010 and succeeds John Cacioppo as chair. To get to know Susan better, please see her brief interview in our Member Spotlight at the end of this issue.

BBCSS Welcomes Eight New Members


As we greet the New Year, BBCSS extends a warm welcome to eight new board members! Laura Carstensten, Judy Dubno, Nancy Kanwisher (NAS), Bill Maurer, John Monahan (IOM), Steven Petersen, Dana Small, and Timothy Strauman all join the Board for a 3-year term. The special expertise, broad perspective, and enthusiasm they all bring will strengthen and contribute to the important work of the Board.


More Information

Current Projects and Recent Events

Committee on the Science of Changing Behavioral Health Social Norms

The committee will hold a series of public workshops in spring 2015. The first, “Lessons Learned from Diverse Efforts to Change Social Norms” will be held March 18, 2015. The workshop will explore lessons learned from previous media, communication, and other types of campaigns to change attitudes and behaviors in public health or other arenas.  Draft Agenda

On April 15, 2015, the second workshop, “Opportunities and Strategies to Promote Behavior Change in Behavioral Health” will explore the promising strategies and opportunities for messaging to change attitudes and promote positive behavior change applicable to behavioral health. The workshop discussions will examine the role of intermediate and mediating variables that influence treatment-seeking behaviors and access to care, including socio-economic barriers, social networks and institutions, and cultures, including which social norms, beliefs and attitudes are most amenable to positive change; and strategies for outcome research and evaluation.  Draft Agenda

Details of how to participate are forthcoming and will be posted on the project's webpage.  

Sponsors: The U.S. Department of Health & Human Services Office of the Assistant Secretary for Planning and Evaluation (ASPE) and Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA)

More Information  |  Sign Up for Updates about the Project

Science of Team Science

The Science of Team Science committee continues to respond to review and its much-anticipated report is expected to be released this spring. Committee chair Nancy Cooke will give the keynote address and participate in a Wake Forest University Medical School faculty retreat on March 12-13.  The study will be discussed at the International Convention of Psychological Science (see article below) in Amsterdam on March 13.  In April, committee members Kara Hall and Stephen Fiore will give a presentation at the Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology conference in Philadelphia (see article below) and in June, committee chair Nancy Cooke will present the report at the Science of Team Science conference at the NIH campus in Bethesda, MD.

Sponsors: National Science Foundation and Elsevier

More Information

How People Learn 2

The Board on Behavioral, Cognitive, and Sensory Sciences (BBCSS) and the Board on Science Education (BOSE) are pleased to welcome Senior Program Officer Sujeeta Bhatt, who will lead the study, How People Learn II: The Science and Practice of Learning.  The call for nominations to serve on this committee has closed, and we are in the process of establishing committee membership and getting the project underway.

Sponsors: Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, William and Flora Hewlett Foundation, and Alfred P. Sloan Foundation

More Information  |  Sign Up for Updates about the Study


Upcoming Events

BBCSS at SIOP 2015

Please join BBCSS in Philadelphia, at the 30th Annual Conference of the Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology (SIOP), April 24, 2015. BBCSS will hold a symposium, “NRC Reports: I/O Psychology Impacts at the Federal Level.” The discussion will center on the reports The Context of Military Environments, The Science of Team Science, and Measuring Human Capabilities and their implications for science and practice.

International Convention of Psychological Science, 2015

BBCSS will be in Amsterdam March 12-14, 2015, for the inaugural International Convention of Psychological Science. Susan Fiske, the chair of BBCSS and two members of the Committee on the Science of Team Science (Stephen M. Fiore and James Jackson) will join study director Margaret Hilton in a symposium. They will discuss the forthcoming NRC report and engage the international community in a dynamic discussion. The symposium will be held March 13, from 12:30-1:50PM, in the Mendes da Costa Kamer room.

Also, Board Director Barbara Wanchisen will present "U.S. National Academies: Advising the Nation in the Behavioral Sciences" on March 14th from 6-7 PM during the poster session located in ICPS Exhibit Hall-Grote Zaal. She will highlight the work of BBCSS, including various report that have had impact over the years.

More Information about the Team Science Project

BBCSS 2015 Board Meetings

The BBCSS Spring 2015 Board meeting will be held June 3-4, 2015.  

The BBCSS Fall 2015 Board meeting will be held on October 8-9, 2015.  

Both meetings will be held at the Academies' Keck Center in Washington, DC. Details about the meetings will be posted on our website as they become available.

More Information

Member Spotlight

Susan T. Fiske, Ph.D., NAS
Eugene Higgins Professor
Psychology and Public Affairs
Princeton University

In this issue we interview Dr. Fiske, the new BBCSS chair and who has been a member of BBCSS since 2010.

What is your current position and area of research?

I’m Eugene Higgins Professor, Psychology and Public Policy at Princeton University. My lab studies social cognition, how people make sense of each other, as individuals and group members, mostly at the face-to-face level, but also down to neural and up to cultural levels.

What led you to this field/area of research?

It’s a miracle that people develop a coherent impression of each other. We are such complex stimuli, but somehow we infer each other’s intent and capabilities. Originally, I was equally obsessed with how individuals come across to each other in everyday settings, and the role that demographic categories play as shortcuts. I grew up in what I experienced as a stable, racially integrated neighborhood on Chicago’s South Side, and then I wondered why other places weren’t like that. Also come from a long line of women’s rights activists, so I was naturally interested in gender as well. But having a father who specialized in psychometric rigor made me realize I had to have the right methodological tools, to be scientifically credible.

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