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BOHSI Cyber Security Seminar

In conjunction with its Fall 2014 bi-annual board meeting in Irvine, CA, the Board on Human-Systems Integration (BOHSI) convened a Seminar on Cyber Security and the Role of Automation.  The seminar began with introductions from all attendees followed by a statement on the background and purpose of the event by BOHSI chair Nancy Cooke. After the introductions, BOHSI board members and three invited speakers Mary Maybury (MITRE Corporation), Richard Kemmerer (University of California, Santa Barbara) and Gene Tsudik (University of California, Irvine), gave a general overview of the scope and depth of the problem and the human-systems integration (HSI) approach as a possible framework for identifying solutions.

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Participants engage in active discussion at
the BOHSI Cyber Security seminar

BOHSI Seminar on HSI in Healthcare Delivery

Also in conjunction with their Fall 2014 bi-annual board meeting, BOHSI held a seminar on HSI tools for assessing individual, team and population performance in healthcare delivery. The goal of the seminar was to discuss the role of new technology to monitor and assess human performance from individuals to entire populations in the context of HSI and healthcare assessment and delivery. The seminar began with an introduction on the background and purpose of the event by BOHSI chair Nancy Cooke. After the introductions, BOHSI members Matthew Rizzo and Pascale Carayon, and invited panelist Reed Hoyt (U.S Army Research Institute of Environmental Medicine), presented an overview of new monitoring technologies and their applications in a variety of care settings.

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2014 Human Factors and Ergonomics Society Annual Meeting: BOHSI Panel on HSI in Safe Patient Handling

At the 2014 Human Factors and Ergonomics Society (HFES) Annual Meeting BOHSI members, Nancy Cooke, Sara Czaja, and Pascale Carayon, former BOHSI chair William Marras, and co-Director of the Center of Innovation for Disability and Rehabilitation Research Gayle Powell-Cope, convened a panel on “Applying Human-Systems Integration to Safe Patient Handling and Mobility (SPHM)”, an issue of growing concern given the high rate of injuries during patient handling activities. The focus of the panel was on issues related to the scope of the problem, an HSI perspective on patient handling, and the design and implementation of SPHM programs.

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Pictured from left to right: Gail Powell-Cope, Pascale Carayon,
William Marras, Nancy Cooke, Sara Czaja (podium)

IOM Workshop on Engineering Optimal Health Care Scheduling

BOHSI members Pascale Carayon (University of Wisconsin-Madison) and Sara Czaja (University of Miami, Miller School of Medicine) were invited to present at the National Academies’ Institute of Medicine’s (IOM) workshop on “Engineering Optimal Health Care Scheduling” in November 2014 at Washington D.C. The goals of the workshop were to identify and better understand the current practices and standards in patient appointment scheduling and reasons for variation, optimization strategies, patient expectations, and mental models of frontline personnel involved with scheduling improvements. Carayon and Czaja co-presented in a moderated panel discussion that identified the challenges and opportunities to incorporating patient and family expectations and preferences into best practices and standards for scheduling. Carayon and Czaja discussed human factors and system change issues relevant to these health care scheduling challenges.

More Information  |  Videos from the Workshop


Sara Czaja (second from left) and  Pascale Carayon (third from left)


Current Activities

Study on Safety Culture in the Offshore Oil Industry

The Transportation Research Board of the National Research Council, in collaboration with BOHSI, is currently overseeing a project, Offshore Oil and Industry Safety Culture: A Framing Study, which began in early 2014. This 2-year, consensus report activity is in the process of framing the issues and knowledge gaps that would need to be addressed in subsequent industry and government efforts, research, and future studies to strengthen offshore industry safety culture. In addressing its task, the committee has gathered information from safety culture experts, industry, regulators, workers, and the public in order to identify the essential characteristics of a strong safety culture, barriers to achieving a strong safety culture in the offshore industry, and possible ways of overcoming these challenges. The committee has also identified potential effective strategies to measure and assess company and industry safety culture. The committee will conduct its third meeting in January 2015.

Sponsor: U.S. Department of the Interior

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Understanding Driver Fatigue in Motor Carrier Safety and Driver Health

A second collaborative project with the Transportation Research Board and the Committee on National Statistics at the National Research Council involves a series of meetings to assess the state of knowledge about the relationship of hours of driving, hours on duty, and periods of rest to the fatigue experienced by truck and bus drivers and the implications for the safe operation of their vehicles. The panel is currently working on a report that: (1) aggregates the strength of evidence regarding factors such as hours of driving, hours of duty, and periods of rest, that may lead to fatigue and impaired cognitive and physiological performance of motor carrier drivers; (2) assesses the evidence on impaired health outcomes; and (3) identifies priorities for research and modeling to improve knowledge of hours of service and other related factors in driver fatigue, safety, and health.

Sponsor: Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration

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BOHSI Chair Wins Distinguished Service Award

BOHSI Chair Nancy Cooke was awarded the Arnold M. Small President’s Distinguished Service Award during the opening session of the HFES 2014 conference in October 2014 at Chicago (IL). The award recognizes an individual for substantial career-long contributions to the Society and the discipline. Cooke is Professor and Program Chair, Human Systems Engineering at Arizona State University, where she is also Science Director of the Cognitive Engineering Research Institute. Besides being the first female Chair of BOHSI, Cooke is an HFES Fellow and past member of the Executive Council. She was also the first female editor of the society’s flagship journal Human Factors. During her tenure as editor, Nancy virtually doubled the journal's Impact Factor, which hit a high of over 1.5, the highest it has been before or since.

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Nancy Cooke receives the award during the plenary session of
the HFES 2014 conference in Chicago

BOHSI Member Becomes New President of HFES

BOHSI Member Andrew Imada officially took the baton as President of HFES during the 2014 HFES Annual meeting in Chicago, rising from his earlier role as president-elect of the society. He replaced former President of HFES Frank Durso, also a member of BOHSI. Imada is a Fellow of HFES and past President and Fellow of the International Ergonomics Association. Imada is also currently the lead on BOHSI's task force on safety culture.

More Information


Andrew Imada (left) assumes the role of HFES
President following Frank Durso (right)

BOHSI Member Invited to Nobel Week Dialogue in Stockholm

BOHSI Member Sara J. Czaja was invited to participate in two panels for the Nobel Week Dialogue in Stockholm, Sweden in December 2014. The Nobel Week Dialogue (NWD) is an open one-day meeting during the annual Nobel Week, held early each December, bringing together Nobel Laureates, world-leading scientists, policy makers and thought leaders for discussions that cross the traditional boundaries between science and society. The meeting typically alternates between Stockholm and Gothenburg, Sweden.The 2014 NWD titled “The Age to Come”, covered new scientific perspectives on and cultural implications of the challenges and opportunities for an aging global population. The distinguished panelists engaged in a dialogue about how an increasingly aging population is changing the way we live and the accommodations necessary for the aging populace. BOHSI member Czaja discussed the "Implications of an Older World" and "Technological Innovations" for aging.

Read Sara Czaja's Biosketch  |  View the Nobel Week Dialogue


Welcome to New BOHSI Member

We are delighted to welcome new BOHSI member, Elizabeth F. Loftus, Distinguished Professor of Social Ecology and Professor of Law and Cognitive Science at the University of California, Irvine, where she is also director of The Center for Psychology and Law and a Fellow of The Center for Neurobiology of Learning and Memory. Loftus is known globally for her work on the misinformation effect and eyewitness testimony. In 2002, she was ranked 58th in the Review of General Psychology’s list of the 100 most influential psychological researchers of the 20th century, and was the highest ranked woman on the list. Loftus will officially being her term at BOHSI in January 2015, although we were delighted to have her among us at our September 2014 bi-annual board meeting in Irvine, CA.

Read Elizabeth Loftus' Biosketch

Farewell to Parting Member

At our September 2014 bi-annual meeting, we bid farewell to one of our standing members of BOHSI - Matthew Rizzo, M.D., Frances and Edgar Reynolds Professor and Chair of the Department of Neurological Sciences at the University of Nebraska Medical Center. We thank Matt Rizzo for his dedication and service to BOHSI for seven years. We will miss you!


Nancy Cooke presents departing member Matthew Rizzo a token of appreciation from BOHSI as he ends his term of membership



The BOHSI Spring 2015 board meeting will be held April 23-24, 2015 in Washington, DC.

The BOSHI Fall 2015 board meeting will be held September 17-18, 2015 in Washington, DC.  

Please see our upcoming events page for further details as they are posted.  

BOHSI Upcoming Meeting Information


From left to right: Barbara Wanchisen (former BOHSI director), David Wegman, Nancy Cooke (BOHSI chair), Barbara Silverstein (front), David Rempel (back), Karl Pister, Tenee Davenport (BOHSI program coordinator), Poornima Madhavan (BOHSI director), Matthew Rizzo, Frank Durso, Sara Czaja, Andrew Imada, Ellen Bass, Pascale Carayon, and Elizabeth Loftus
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