The Monthly Dose April 2021

Hello all - Happy Spring! It has been such a treat to play, run, and garden in the warm weather! I hope everyone is taking care of themselves as we make another push to keep our communities healthy and safe. It is also my last push before running a virtual 1/2 marathon in May. I’ll write a little update next month:)

Passion paradox: a standard non-fiction in which too little content was built into 200 pages but it was still good food for thought. A couple key points - one, the common mantra of, follow your passions, can be misleading, and two, any passion comes at a cost to other areas of your life. Sometimes this cost is worth it, sometimes it is not. Taking the time to reflect allows us to either embrace the imbalance or recognize it when it has gone too far.

Grub: a fantastic review on a recent study on the effects of turmeric and osteoarthritis (OA) of the knee. The introduction on OA is on point and is a far better review than you would see in the typical media channels. I won’t give away the conclusion as it is worth reading in its entirety:)

Sleep: Nap, friend or foe….The nap paradox. An in depth review of the benefits and detriments of napping. Its another read that highlights the middle ground. The nap can be a friend or a foe - it depends;)

New books

  1. The Underground railroad.

  2. 21 things you need to know about the Indian Act

  3. Factfullness - what a wonderful read. Recommended by a friend who saw it on Bill Gates book list.

  4. Psychology of Money - an easy read. 20 short stories on Money.

I thought I would finish with a short reflection on finding the middle. After reading a few non-fiction books over the past month I was struck by a theme that traversed all three books. So much of our life, whether it’s health, wealth or politics appears to be driven by the edges. The more you read, the more you realize how important the middle ground is. As Timothy Caulfield discusses in his book, Relax Dammit, our choices are often simple and intuitive but we get distracted by health pitches and find it hard to stay consistent (exercise, sleep, cooking food) . In Factfulness, Hans Rosling, reminds us that most political decisions are not either or, but probably a bit of both. In some cases more to the right in others more to the left. The same for managing our money - sometimes our decisions can be reasonable but not perfectly rational - there is room for grey. Getting comfortable with this idea and using this lens when reading or considering new ideas can be helpful.

Lastly - I’ll pitch blood donation again:) Did you book a blood donation? It is a simple and rewarding way to give back. It doesn’t take anywhere near as much time as it used to (very streamlined) and they still offer cookies:). See if you are eligible.

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