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September is upon us which means that the football season, like that cold b!tch winter, is in its final death throes for 2016.

The Showgirls played their final match last week and went down valiantly to the Sinners, as did the Budgie Smugglers. The Chards however stormed home to finish top of the C1 ladder and have earned themselves a week off which means that Dirty finally has the time to arrange his stunning collection of fedoras.

With the Brady Bunch bowing out to the latest club to flout the points system and make a mockery of the phrase 'Amateur League', we are down to 4 teams still remaining in the finals: The Budgie Smugglers, the Chardonnay Socialists and both women's teams; the Dead Letter Office Raiders and the Rising Stars.

With the Brains Trust at AFL HQ deeming this weekend a bye round, come out to Bob Neil 1 on Saturday for your footy fix. The Budgie Smugglers take on Henley Chards (remember, they made a specific point about us not using the word 'drugs' in their nickname so we should all remember that they are no longer 'Henley on Drugs' but the Henley Chards) in an ELIMINATION FINAL at 12:15pm. That's right, Budgie Smugglers vs Henley Not on Drugs at BN1, 12:15pm 

Legendary barman Bob Miles will have the fridge stacked and make sure you stick around because the Office Raiders are hosting Smallsbury in a SEMI-FINAL to be played at BN1 at 7pm.

Sunday sees the Rising Stars also in a SEMI-FINAL against Alcopops Playground at Graeme Kellett Reserve at 1pm.

Not long now until Super Sunday, hopefully we will have some shiny new silverware with which to drink our beloved West End!

Go Blacks

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Match Reports of the Week - It's a Woman's World

Match Reports courtesy of Screecher

Div 1:  The Postie and her Dead Letter Office Raiders 2.14.26                                                          The Toothless Hounds  5.5.35
A finals campaign in their first season in Division 1, and The Raiders would go into this clash looking to avoid getting bitten again by the Toothless Hounds, after losing by 4 points and 6 points the previous two meetings. But unfortunately, just like that priceless pair of grey footy shorts signed by Bob Neil himself that ended up lost in the dead letter office, the Raiders were offline with their deliveries when it mattered, kicking 11 of a total 14 points when kicking with the wind. Hopefully they have been working on their goal kicking this week, and also practicing getting in low in the tackles, as they now face Smallsbury in an Elimination Semi-Final at Bob Neil #1 on Saturday night.

Div 2:  Hollywood and his Rising Stars  8.5.53  
           Christ is a Beach       1.1.7
The Christ is a Beach players and supporters had the champagne on ice, balloons filling the rooms, and the local boguns surrounded the ground in their cars, confident that they would record a big first up finals win. Yes, welcome to the cocky world of football in the far southern suburbs of Adelaide (is Christies Beach even a suburb of Adelaide, or a suburb of Kangaroo Island?!?!?!?). And didnā€™t The Stars shine bright, not letting the Beach Bums score until the final quarter (well, apart from the junkies in the public conveniences that had clearly scored pre-game!!!!).

Look A Like

Gold Medal Champion Mack Horton            B@stards' Tim Sleazely

Bridgey looking pensive                           Vegan music producer Moby





Div 1 (Black Jack & the Showgirls) 6.11.47 defeated by Goodwood Sinners 10.14.74
Goal Kickers: B. Simpson 2, D. Robinson, N. Cottrell, M. Newcombe, J. Noonan
Best Players: L. Antoniadis, N. Cottrell, T. Walker, A. Offe, S. Paynter, D. Bateman

Div 1R (Super Gav and the Budgie Smugglers) 6.5.41 defeated by Goodwood Sinners 16.11.107
Goal Kickers: P. Dolan, E. Hewish, S. Pittman, B. Carroll, J. Connell, M. Parker
Best Players: S. Penniment, F. Slape, M. Parker, J. Keynes, P. Dolan, N. Warren

 Div 7R (Robert Reid and the Brady Bunch) 2.9.21 defeated by the Tarnished Spooners 17.9.111
Goal Kickers: G. Kearsley 2
Best Players: T. Muecke, T. Ambrose, M. Makin, L. Wallis, J. Schiller, N. Ivic


Div 1 (The Postie and Her Dead Letter Office Raiders) 5.5.35 defeated by West Adelaide 2.14.26
Goal Kickers: K. Harvey, R. Wallace
Best Players: K. Harvey, R. Wallace, B. Corver, R. King, E. Tromans , K. Edwards
Div 2 (Hollywood and His Rising Stars) 8.5.53 defeated Christies Beach 1.1.7
Goal Kickers: N. Collie 3, T. Lee 2, Z. Anthony, E. O''Dea, J. Caulfield
Best Players: T. Lee, E. O''Dea, J. Caulfield, N. Kraemer, E. Alexander, Z. Anthony


Saturday 3rd September

ELIMINATION FINAL Super Gav and the Budgie Smugglers (Div 1R) v Henley Sharts @ Guy Sebastian Memorial Oval 12:15pm 

SEMI-FINAL The Postie and her Dead Letter Office Raiders V Smallsbury @Bob Neil #1 7:00pm

Sunday 28th August

SEMI-FINAL Hollywood and his Rising Stars V Alcopops Playground @ Graeme Kellett Reserve 1:00pm



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