VOLUME 11, 26 JUNE 2015
There have been a number of great battles of humankind.
West Coast v Sydney. Kramer v Kramer. P#rnhub v Study.
But this week, AUFC is set to go into meltdown after two teammates are pitted against each other in the first Black v Black showdown since the 100m final at London 2012.
We’re not talking about the battle of Westeros. We’re not talking about the battle of Mordor. We’re talking about the battle for C grade strapper and all round great gal…….
Here are the contenders:
Name: Tom “Windmills” Milton
Star Sign: Alcohol
Likes: Renewable energy, sorority girls & reading well-referenced essays.

Dislikes: Sobriety.
Favourite Quote: “Winston, hand me my wine and watch me get fabulous”.

Name: Daniel “THE PENETRATOR” Trezise
Star Sign: Rohypnol
Likes: Jamie Olivers’ 30 minute meals, waking up with a dry bed, and catching glimpses of his reflection in shop windows.

Dislikes: Being beaten to ..... by a ranga
Favourite Quote: “Never get sucked in to paying her for more hours than you need.”

Sportsbet currently have the market sitting at $1.40 for Tom Milton and $3.10 for Dan Trezise. The odds were skewed far more in DT’s favour, but a public display of ‘kick to kick’ between .... and Milton has sent the market into a tumble.  More to follow.
Photos emerged this week of A grade coach JP playing back in what we can only assume to be a pre-WW1 football match for Sturt FC. If you look closely enough, we’re pretty sure you can see little Seb Paynter…

This week a number of blacks teams are going to be spending a lot of time on the road. The C-men and Brady Bunch have the privilege of travelling past Narnia to get to Houghton to relive one of the greater rivalries we’ve seen this decade. The B@stards though, head out Portland @ 10:15, where some brave AUFC souls will play a match against *well-rounded individuals with a high work ethic and impenetrable morals* before helping out the C-grade by travelling the South Australian equivalent of Melbourne to Perth and arriving at Houghton at 2:15.
The A-grade have a tough assignment in ROCS at home @ 2:15pm.

It’s also LADIES DAY so if you’re a female yourself, or you like being in the company of females that aren’t paid to be within arms reach like Ben Sanders has been reduced to doing, then get down to Bob Neil #1 for a day of fashion, frivolity and football.
May Bob Be With You.


Blacks Ball - August 8th

For all that have attended, you know what you're in for. 
For those that have not attended, words can not do this night justice, I was going to put some pictures in from previous years but what happens at Blacks Ball stays at Blacks Ball. So click attending on the Facebook event to receive all the updates regarding venue and theme.

The usual obligation applies - invite every girl on your friends list, even the one you haven't spoken to since the morning after last Blacks Ball.
Tickets to be released very soon!
Round 11 Fixture

Saturday 27th June
Black Jack & the Showgirls (Div 1) v Ross & Trevor @ Bob Neil #1 2.15pm

Super Gav and the Budgie Smugglers (Div 1R) v Ross & Trevor @ Bob Neil #1 12.15pm

Sexy Pimp and the C-Men (Div 7) v Hout & About @ Faraway Field (Houghton Memorial Oval) 2.15pm

Robert Reid and the Brady Bunch (Div 7R) v Hout & About @ Faraway Field (Houghton Memorial Oval) 12.15pm

The Chardonnay Socialists (C1) v Goodwood Sinners @ Bob Neil #1 10.15am

The B*stards (C2) v Flagon of Portland @ Port Wildlife Reserve (Port Reserve) 10.15am

The Scum (C3) v Holy Trinity @ Bob Neil #2 12.15pm

Sunday 28th June
Bob Neil's Girl Guides v Alcopop’s Playground @ Graham Kellett Reserve (Kellett Reserve) 1pm

Uni Greys v Mid North @ Bob Neil #2 (Park 10) 12pm - “Despite generally continuing to dominate with inferior numbers, let’s get a good turnout for our 2nd of only 3 home games for the season”.

Blacks Look-A-LIKES

Hope all is well Dirty. Cheers Papa smurf. I'm Blue (Da Ba Dee Da Ba Die)

Tom "Steaming Sea-men" Seagrim has 'dogged' a few people in his critically acclaimed substandard intro's this year - This probably explains his behavior.



Know of any other look-a-likes around the club? 

Please send through to football@theblacks.com.au

Ladies Day

The Adelaide University F.C. Ladies Day is typically one of the most enjoyable, popular and important events of the winter calendar. This years event is shaping up to be no exception, with the gentlemen of The Blacks keen to show their hospitality, chivalry and appreciation for the magnificent ladies around us.

As the girls will get pampered on the sidelines, the boys will be in action on the field, taking on Rostrevor OC.

When - Saturday 27th of June 2015
Where - University Oval

Tickets $40 each
bubbles, wine, beer, juice, softies, tea & coffee
Gourmet BBQ and salads & sweets
Entertainment & guest MC
Fun Games & raffles

Tickets can now be purchased through all players, alternatively to the following account, please leave your name and it will be put on the door on arrival.

Name. Tom Walker BSB 065034 Account No. 10299214

Given the winter weather we will be hosting you this year in the 'Longroom'. Should be a great day. Hope to see you all there!


Save the Dates 

Note some new dates in this for those of you hanging out for the Long Lunch and interstate reunion shows. All events at Bob Neil # 1 unless otherwise indicated.

27 June - Ladies Day
11 July - Premiership Reunion & Past Players Day
26 July - Sydney Reunion (Royal Exhibition Hotel)
1 August - Sponsors Day
7 August (Friday) - Long Friday Lunch (LOCKED IN) 
8 August - Blacks Ball 
29 August - Family Day
16 October - Annual Dinner (Wine Center)

There are some HUGE premiership reunions to celebrate this year on Saturday the 11th of July, notably:
60 years for the 1955 A1 team
50 years for the 1965 A1, A3 and Colts Team (the only year we ever had Colts)
40 years for the 1974/75 A1 teams (also having a separate show, contact Barty for details if you haven't already heard)
25 years for the A8 team (Tonto & the Well Hung Posse), A8R team (Top Scum) and freshly remembered the A11 team.
15 years for the 2000 Chards and FGA
10 years for the 2005 B*stards.

That is a lot for us to follow up, especially with the Book a little busier than normal courtesy of the Future Premier, so if any of you played in those teams please start spreading the word 

Long Friday Lunch – August  7th

After a period of uncertainty we have decided to stick with the proven formula of having the Long Lunch on day of the Crows only Friday Night game of the year. Friday August 7 is the date for your diaries. Guest Speaker(s) will be confirmed shortly and the venue and format will be the same as last year, and then it will be over to the Crows v Tiges for what I’m sure will be a game to be remembered (or not, depending upon how big your arvo is). Apologies to our tribe of teachers at the club for not scheduling it in school holidays but we trust you can schedule a worthwhile “Pupil Free Day” to get along.
For those in Sydney, the NSW based Greys lunch will once again be at The Royal Exhibition Hotel (same venue as last year) from 12:30 on the 26th of July with John Harms guest speaker. You will likely hear direct from Rulebook on this but if not contact him on 0414678815 or rulebook@bobneil.com to reserve your spot. More info on our Events Calendar later in Subby.

Joe “ The Foss” Hill on the old kiss cam with the soon to be wife 

Never let the truth get in the way of a good story, but pictured below is the Foss sealing the deal, or driving the point home – these love birds are getting married. The Foss will be absent over the next month with the wedding and the honeymoon. We wish him the best, and there will be a “just for men” hair dye in the mail mate as a wedding gift, the George Clooney look is on the outer.

Bowlies 27/6

Bowlies at the Havelock post Ladies Day was an event last year and promises to be again. Make sure you head over to welcome all the young ladies who support the club to the spiritual home of the AUFC. 

Worldwide Blackers assemble. Get your "Ashes" photos through

Please send through to football@theblacks.com.au


“There's an important lesson here for all Blacks tourists about the versatility of the McDonalds napkin.
Roma's evening zephyr held off just long enough for Vix's hastily fashioned 'white V' to hang together.”

Action Man provides some crispy poetry

Harmsy, I’ll skip the chapter and go straight to the verse, with sincere apologies to my dear brother Nick, a real-life shearer and folk song troubadour. 
The Ringer of the Riverina
Me mate Shaun, he was a shearer, and he sure loved to shear all day,
From his first ram to his hundredth, to Shaun shearing was sheer play.
Once he’d fleeced a cocky’s paddocks, he’d set off to shear some more,
Shaun sheared the golden sheep of Oz from mulga to the shore.
He’d shorn swathes through Lachlan Tigers and he never called for tar,
Swept famous ringers up like locks in shearing sheds afar,
Surely never stooping low to shear blue-bellied joes,
Right up there with Clancy, our Shaun’s mug did overflow.
Shaun’s tallies were a legend, and before long so was he,
Shout the bar with every round, a squeezer on his knee.
But one swag-roll too many got mighty Shaun the sack,
He was shorn of all his greatness, struck down with shagger’s back.
I met Shaun in Cootamundra. Didn’t know the bloke from clay,
Bent-double and still spinning yarns of four hundred in a day.
When I asked him why he shore no more he bleated ‘Just because’,
A forlorn silhouette he cut, of the Shaun that he once was.
Long ago you’d rest assured his wide full blades would fly,
A real-life, modern-day, true-blue Flash Jack from Gundagai.
Shaun had shorn more sheep than any shearer now could shear,
But comes a point you can’t deny the jumbuck just stops here.
Now Shaun’s days are hewn away, with beer and broken dreams,
Vainly looking for his name, in Harmsy’s Wool Industry teams.

Round 10 Results

Round 10 Results
Div 1 (Black Jack & the Showgirls) 8.8.56 defeated by Port Red Light District 17.8.110
Goal Kickers: S. Paynter 2, N. Beneke 2, A. Alesci 1, B. Smelt 1, T. Eldredge 1, B. Simpson 1
Best Players: J. Noonan, S. Paynter, N. Beneke, B. Smelt, B. Borg, H. Biggs
Div 1Reserves (Super Gav and the Budgie Smugglers) 12.16.88 defeated Port Red Light District 5.5.35
Goal Kickers: A. Offe 4, E. Hewish 3, K. Green 2, J. Johnston 2, J. Dearing 1
Best Players: M. Quin, H. Wellington, D. Robinson, A. Offe, B. Henderson , J. Dearing
Following the Smugglers’ best quarter of footer and best win for the season to date at Sinner Stadium, the challenge existed for our inconsistent group to win 2 on the trot for the first time in 2015. If the high flying dual reigning AFL premier Hawthorn Hawks couldn’t break that duck until round 9, why couldn’t we? Of course, nothing is ever that simple, as the 8 injury free inclusions after the bye was naturally offset by 8 outs this week owing to fresh injuries, and the dreaded phenomenon of Saturday exams. The pre match ground inspection revealed the Port boys had poured a deluge of many kilolitres over the cricket pitch, creating a surface more akin to a slippery ice skating rink and less like Goodwood’s metamorphic rock… much to the relief of Poodle Pitman knowing he wouldn’t lose half his face this week.
With the Pies only 3 goals adrift of the Sharks last week, we had to bring our A game, and a solid 1st quarter arm wrestle saw a tight scoreboard at the 1st break. The mighty Blacks started to get first to the pill, swarm in defence and get general control of the game, but unable to convert this into genuine scoreboard impact kept Districts within a few snags at the half. At about this time, our 21st bloke Women’s Weekley rocked up from his 4 quarters of Scumball only a hop, skip & jump away at Scotch College!
Patience and persistence was preached by the coaches at half time, that if we maintained the process, the scoreboard would ultimately take care of itself. The lads followed suit in the 2nd half as our relentless pressure and attack on the prune saw the game slowly open up and hope drain from our opponent, as we peppered the big sticks and powered on after ‘lemons’ to register 28 scoring shots to 10 on route to a comprehensive 53 point victory. Props up to our miserly defensive back 6, who allowed a mere 2 points in the final stanza and are bonding well.
The ultra-consistent Tim May Offe bagged 4 big ones to lead the team, ably assisted by Spewish Hewish slotting 3 and finally finding some encouraging form at the right time of the season. Big Divots, actually matched in ruck tap work for the first time this season, maintained his ripping form, while Harry the Merl provided running dash out of defence akin to #Boris300, with BOG honours going to the impressive gut running and inside 50 machine known as Dr Quin, Medicine Woman.
A big shout out and thank you to the Sexy Pimp, in agreeing to a 1 off trade of Les Bien & Dolan Work Don’t Mix (morning exams) in exchange for Is Dom, Is Good; Yugoslavian Hangman & Jamieson and Dry who were all instrumental in victory during our hour of need.
We make the turn at the clubhouse to the back 9 with a 5-4 record, and sit 4th amongst a tightly separated 7 teams who can all legitimately lay claim to a finals birth. Next stop, the 3rd placed lads from ROCer land for Ladies Day at beautiful BN#1, looking to build on the past fortnight of positive momentum aiming for 3 on the tree. With Spewish Hewish out on the prowl for anything living with an active pulse that moves, we recommend that you:
Lock up your daughter
Lock up your wife
Lock up your back door
And run for your life
The man is back in town
So don't you mess him 'round
Div 7 (Sexy Pimp & the C-Men) 12.11.83 defeated Karl Marx University 8.6.54
Goal Kickers: A. Roberts 3, A. Ireland 2, J. Fitzgerald 2, S. Nankivell 2, Q. Daly 1, P. Dolan 1,
D. Gardner 1
Best Players: D. Gardner, M. Leslie, S. Nankivell, D. Polkinghorne, A. Roberts, S. Ritchie

Just like the Fremantle Dockers (does anyone else know them as the Shitfish?) were always going to struggle to get up for their game against Rocket Eades Gold Coast Suns a few weeks ago, so it was for the CMen last week, coming off a rousing victory over the top side to face bottom side Karl Marx. With the Crow Bars playing at Bob Neil #3 on Thursday night and most CMen generally preferring anything over Tuesday night training, the thought of a percentage boosting game against the socialists from the Gulag had everyone thinking that training for the week could be written off.

The mood in the rooms pre-game was jovial. Perhaps the CMen had missed the comfort of carpet under their feet after a string of games at Park 10, or perhaps it was that the boys favourite physio was on deck, or that everyone was keen to find out what kind of amber fluid Two Bucks had brought for the post-game lucky dip for beers. Think low-cost Chinese rubbish. Whatever the reason, the CMen seemed to be riding their own bandwagon. And clamouring for attention in the med room. The Penetrator talked game, but didn’t seem to bring any. Desert Ireland made the most of the fact he wasn’t playing and got an extended rub down before the strenuous activity of being water boy. But most attention went to Little Pimp, who simply waited for the game to start before asking the lovely Miss S to play football with him.

The game started at a fair clip and Karl Marx was still in it after 10 minutes. Frustration was building among the CMen. After 20 minutes it had gotten worse as Karl Marx led by 2 goals and it was apparent that they were not the duds they were in round 4. By half time there was a bees d!ck in it and the CMen were going to have to grind it out against their vastly improved opponents.
With the Seagull selecting the Pimp on Thursday night (good way to jeopardise the captaincy), Pablo Pascoe was left to combine running and coaching duties. Left hanging by the Pimp as he applied strapping tape to his blown out, cheap arse vinyl boots at half time,  Pablo threatened to drink all the ginger wine himself should the CMen leave their collective digit inserted and not bring home the choccies.

It seemed that the CMen could buy better as they continued to leave the door ajar for Karl Marx early in the third quarter by refusing to kick goals. By lemons balance was somewhat restored as the CMen, playing with greater intensity and thinking that ginger wine isn’t so bad, had opened up a lead of a few goals.

The last quarter went to script as the CMen recorded a relatively comfortable victory. Seeing the game was done and dusted, one of the Karl Marx half forward flankers, nicknamed Kouta (didn’t look like and certainly couldn’t play like the Navy Blues champion), thought he’d entertain himself. Taking his position for the re-start of play after Gerald Fitzjarrad had bombed one from 55, he ran to the corner of the square, pirouetted like Nureyev and landed in the first position, hands delicately on hips. For all his improvement, Karl Marx seemed to have a way to go before scribing a W against all those Ls.

The club song was sung, ginger wine was consumed, warming the players cockles and the beers were pulled from the esky. My Way Calder did best, scoring a Southwark Stout. That’s a fine drop and pretty much 2-for-1 on an alc/vol basis. Alan did worst. Not only did he supply XXXX Gold, he pulled out Two Bucks contribution – a can of Tun, which was apparently more flavoursome than XXXX Gold. It would have been karma, except Alan will be sunning himself in Queensland this week as his team mates journey up the hill then into the valley to take on Out N About at Far Away Field.

Div 7Reserves (Robert Reid and the Brady Bunch) 13.10.88 defeated Karl Marx University 6.8.44
Goal Kickers: C. McMichael 4, C. Reid 2, T. Nguyen 2, J. Greeneklee 1, G. Ruth 1, P. Wareing 1, S. Shadiac 1, C. Baker 1
Best Players: B. Stevenson, D. Conier, S. Hickey, C. Ramsey, C. McMichael, H. Wilson
Div C1 (The Chardonnay Socialists) 8.4.52 defeated by Henley On Drugs 10.8.68
Goal Kickers: J. Richards 2, B. Meier 2, R. Qasimy 1, Z. Hambour 1, A. Butler 1
Best Players: M. Heath, C. Rohde, R. Doecke, C. Schiller, N. Hallion, A. Butler
If Paul Keating gave a rats tossbag about sport instead of antique French timepieces, he would agree that this was the loss we had to have.

We could harp on about a host of mitigating circumstances (uni exams, off-field disorganisation*, cancer, injuries*, Ramadan, and the involvement of too many Heaths), but I am not Rucci and we are not Port Adelaide, and at the end of the day Henley on Drugs were hungrier and used the ball better.

We were bracing for a goalfest when we slotted four goals in a full-on first term. Unfortunately Henley matched the feat fluking four of their own with their only scoring shots for the quarter and we knew we had a decent game on our hands.

In a clear sign lady luck was against us, Malcolm Blyth extirpated a digit with his first touch of the game (see below). When Byrne MF Byrne hurt his back, our slim bench started to look Kate Moss on a diet.

As Henley upped the intensity, we simply couldn't match it - particularly when it came to their unrelenting umpire bashing.

This reached a crux in the third term when Old Man Heath on SOS goal duties (probably for the last time) awarded Can You See Me a goal the opposition thought may have been touched. Fark - there was more carry on than Sid James' film career as they hurled abuse that would make the aforementioned Keating recoil in horror.

Meanwhile, the inability to drink water soon got the better of Can you see Me? as he limped off with a crook hammy. When the House Husband courageously got knocked out colder than Carl Williams with a bike seat, our day was shot despite a valiant last quarter where we kept them goalless.

Pup, Harrion, Scary Killer, Candy Boy, Okeley Doeckely, On The Rohde Again had top games, with Butts Deep also excelling after reluctantly leaving his post at full forward to tackle the Drugs kingpin at the other end and keeping him nearly nearly possession less after earlier booting four goals. With a lot of help from chief antagonist Dirty behind the goals, there was more whining from the old mate than Bunny at a long lunch, prompting Butts Deep to tell the guy in no uncertain terms while they were shaking hands that his was indeed the most disgraceful display of sportsmanship he had ever seen (old man Heath chimed in that it might be time to call it a day).

Unsurprisingly, old mate took exception and proceeded to attempt to rip off Butts' still attached arm and bang on for another five minutes about the unfairness of it all (we needed to remind him he'd just won by 16 points).

We will no doubt remember the whole episode and store it away for round 18 as we prepare to take on our real mortal enemy - grand final combatant Goodwood on our home deck this weekend in what shapes as a crucial contest.
* In an effort to sort out some of our boundary umpiring woes, business-savvy Harrion decided to put a call out to Gumtree. Unfortunately (or fortunately depending on what your caper is) spellcheck let him down on a crucial word. Freud would have a field day.
* Blythy's digit.
Div C2 (The B*stards) 6.7.43 defeated by Flinders Park for Paedophiles 10.5.65
Goal Kickers:
Best Players: F. Jamal, N. Tran, D. Collett, W. Petrovsky, D. Gallagher, A. Buckby
Div C3 (The Scum) 8.7.55 defeated by Scotch on the Rocks 11.5.71
Goal Kickers: P. Malinauskas 4, N. Lawrence 2, A. Beneke 1, D. Weekley 1
Best Players: R. Gardner, S. Lawrence, A. Martinson, D. Tofan, P. Malinauskas, M. Eisenberg
It was a tough ask for the scum to overcome the Scotch on the Rocks on their home deck and ultimately they didn’t but were gallant in the attempt. The game was notable for the return of Slamming Sammy Lawrence welcomed back to the fold he bought his trademark determination in packs as well as goal sneak brother and goal umpiring father which is very much appreciated. Mr Lawrence (Tony) is a great goal umpire totally unflappable, he’s obviously not a patch on Eissy’s missus (few are), but he does great job with the flags. After the game when shaking Scotch’s club umpires hand (a man that would make Rulebook blush) he smiled and remarked in a polite voice; you are absolute shit mate…. which was true enough and well put.
A true scum character, Chimp Martinson, is getting on very well in the wilds of Estonia from all accounts; firing off Kalashnikovs and proving quite the success with the young ladies of the east. Word is he even found some new friends. Just as unlikely was his appearance in the best players from 15,000kms away. Despite a significant geographical disadvantage he managed to turn the tables on his 2013 disappointment, when he kicked a bag of ten but was overlooked in the best players in favour of the boundary umpire, by making the BP’s whilst not actually taking the field. Well done chimp we miss you.
 Another player in his comeback game was the Pumpkin Gardener, who has bulked up like a third year GWS recruit is now unstoppable, registering a best on ground performance in his first game for the club for the year.
And a big thank you to Tofe* from Ruli;
“Who did me a favour late in the day on Saturday. Because he lives nearby I asked him if he could return to their change rooms to get my jacket back. Which he did. (He also unintentionally found other stuff left there by us – a pair of footy boots and a mouthguard - which was his.)’
Open Women’s Div 2 (Bob Neil’s Girl Guides) 15.7.97 defeated Port Districts 0.3.3
Goal Kickers: F. Clancey 4, T. Lee 4, J. Power 3, N. Burns , N. Newbery , M. Jones , E. Sheridan
Best Players: M. Wilsdon , C. Tsoumbris , J. Schulz , M. Jones , N. Burns , E. Fisher

Blackers Job Board - Junior Accountant 

LMS energy are looking at employing a junior accountant in the near future. Ideally they have had a couple of years post grad experience in private practice at a big 4 or midtier firm and gained CA qualification or well on their way.

The job is based in our Adelaide office. We are of course an equal opportunities employer so “blackmen” also extends to the blackwomen (girl guides etc). 

For more details please contact chairman@bobneil.com and would be good to attach a resume!


Calling Crows and Cats Fans

Ex Blacker and Principal of Maven Wealth, Adrian “Mumma” Cassidy, has very generously donated 6 tickets to the Audi Club for the Crows v Cats game on Sunday August 5 for the Blacks to auction off. He has even more generously pre-paid for what we can vouch for is an awesome buffet in the John Halbert Room pre-game. Game time is 2:50 with arrival time for the buffet of 1:30. For those that haven’t been there before the Audi Club provides designated seating in some of the best seats in the house in the Eastern Stand, with plentiful Bar and Food facilities just metres away. It is a great experience to watch footy. Including the buffet the RRP would be around the $1,250 mark for the 6 tickets and the buffet. You can bid for 2 or more tickets by emailing football@theblacks.com.au and remember the proceeds go direct to the AUFC so bid generously and treat yourself and some mates/clients to a nice EOFY present.

Thanks to Cass & Maven Wealth (www.mavenwealth.com.au)

An inspiring pre game speech from Vally

In my much younger days when I had just finished school and I was pimpled face chubby kid with a monobrow, I use to go out to pubs and parties and see these bleached hair surfer 'dudes' with eyebrow rings. They always had the token hot girls surrounded by them that I wanted a piece of, the blokes seemed like such F@#%heads but that's what these girls liked. I was an impressionable young lad so I tried my best to at least look the part by going to Jetty Surf to buy the latest billabong/quicksilver combination (I had been working at Blockbuster Video for 3 years so I had saved up some money). However it just did not cut it, I did not have the hair or the eyebrow ring. Coming from an Italian family if I had of bleached my hair or got an eyebrow ring there is a good chance my grandparents might have disowned me so that was out of the question. So there I was, chubby, pimply, monobrow intact looking like something at of the Jetty Surf catalogue while the surfer dudes got the girls. Today you will come up against these surfer dudes from Henley... Can you please smash them so 17 year old Vally can get one back.



Full Name: Matt Beilby
Club Nickname/s: Easter
Age: Height: Weight 27 : 180cm: 87kg
Guernsey Number:  170
Games Played: Goals Kicked:  149 games :  not enough
Junior Footy Club:  Trinity College / Eastern Park
Describe yourself as a footballer (In 30 words or less):  Wide wingman/flanker (not quite Craig Bankes wide), 1 or 2 hard ball gets in my entire 149 games. Don’t plan on rattling that stat too much.
Favourite Movie: Actor:  Coach Carter , Remember the Titans
Favourite Player Nicknames:  Crouching Tiger, Hidden Football Ability and Gaping Wet
Least Favourite Opposition Club:  Central United, SMOSH
Favourite AFL Club: AFL Player:  Port Adelaide: Travis Boak / Ollie Wines
Of the AUFC players you have played with which Player is? (Must not answer with yourself). Smartest: Dirty – mainly for the Saturday quiz questions
Dumbest: none – all smart for selecting to play for AUFC
Funniest:  Kingy
Angriest: Jeano
Coaches Pet:  Carey Schiller
Best Looking: Twin brother  (it’s like a mirror)
Best Coach: Ritchie / Dirty
Favourite Blacks memory? 2010 Premiership with C grade
Any Blacks Ball
Loosest Individual and why? Toys R Uss – if anyone has seen him at Bowlies they will know why
Best Club Song: Euphajism / Euphajism 2 / Green Ginger Wine and the Club Song (after a win!)
Best sledge you’ve heard: Not a sledge, but Anthony Butler kicking a goal from a set shot and then tapping his opponent on the rear whilst whispering in his ear “how did you like that”.
Best Blacks player seen? Callum Rohde / Nath Hallion
Ask & answer your own question: Is the Adelaide University Football Club the greatest club in the world?

Flick of the Week

Saturday night was a big one for Jimmy Mader "Mess of it". Culminating with him hitting the infamous Havelock dancefloor with what can only be described as a poor, innocent old lady. Jimmy insists that this is part of his hamstring recovery routine and nothing more. An injury self described as "It just feels a bit tight" which hes kept him out for near on a month - definitely time to switch up the program Jimmy!

A/B Grade Guernsey Numbers

The A and B grade playing list (with Guernsey Numbers) is available here for those who have requested player numbers when attending games. There are a number of players moving in and out of these teams but we have done our best to cover most players. However, we do apologise if this is not all encompassing of the potential Div 1 playing squad.

Upcoming Milestones

Name Games
Simon Lewis 197
Michael Aplin 196
Matthew Beilby 149
Sam Pittman 98
Name Goals
Peter Malinauskas 97


We don't want to send CHOP CHOP over to your place! "Where's the $%*&(^ CASH NEVILLE?(^ CASH NEVILLE?

Subs this year for Men's are $180 for students (any University) or $268 for non-students. (the difference being the $88 Adelaide University Sports Associate membership that we must purchase for non-AU Students - same with Ladies)

The Ladies Subscriptions are $120 for students and $208 for non-students (due to a smaller playing season than the Men's).
In order to pay Subs please click on the button below, and follow the instructions which best describe you (also below).

You will need to register with some basic details (or use your Rego details from last year) and you can pay online via debit card (Paypal) or credit card (visa or MasterCard).

Then click on [JOIN NOW] next to Adelaide University Football Club and follow the instructions.

Full details and instructions - click here.


Get around the Blacks LinkedIn page. 

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Please send through to football@theblacks.com.au


The TEAMS for the Weekend.

*PS we endeavour to be perfect, but the teams may not be up by the time you receive this email. Click to view.

Black Jack & The Showgirls​

SuperGav & the Budgie Smugglers

Sexy Pimp & his C-Men

Cal Reid's Team Needs a Name

The Chardonnay Socialists

The B@stards


Round Date Opponent Venue
1 18/04/15 Rostrevor OC Cambelltown Memorial Oval
2 25/04/15 Sacred Heart OC University Oval
3 02/05/15 Portland Port Reserve
4 09/05/15 Henley University Oval
5 16/05/15 Salisbury North University Oval
6 23/05/15 Payneham NU Payneham Oval
7 30/05/15 Tea Tree Gully University Oval
8 13/06/15 Goodwood Saints Goodwood Oval
9 20/06/15 Port District Largs Reserve
10 27/06/15 Rostrevor OC University Oval
11 11/07/15 Portland University Oval
12 18/07/15 Henley Henley Memorial Oval
13 25/07/15 Salisbury North Salisbury North Oval
14 01/08/15 Payneham NU University Oval
15 08/08/15 Tea Tree Gully Pertaringa Oval
16 15/08/15 Goodwood Saints University Oval
17 22/08/15 Sacred Heart OC Sacred Heart Senior College
18 29/08/15 Port District University Oval











Facebook Womens Team
Facebook Womens Team
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