January 2016
 C'est avec un grand plaisir que nous vous annonçons la tenue de la prochaine rencontre Elrigfr sur Rennes les 3 et 4 mai prochain. Notre présidente Nathalie Maubon coorganise cette rencontre qui portera sur les thèmes  “Lab Automation, Formulation & Phenotypic screening”. Vous trouverez le programme complet en suivant ce lien
Nous préparons également le salon "in-cosmetics" qui se tiendra à Paris du 12 au 14 avril, où vous pourrez nous retrouver stand P43. Nous y présenterons nos derniers résultats dans le domaine de la dermo-cosmétique.

 We are proud to annonce that the next Elrigfr event will take place in Rennes, may 3 and 4. Our CEO Nathalie Maubon co-organizes this meeting, which will focus on  “Lab Automation, Formulation & Phenotypic screening”. You can find the complete program on this link
We are also planning the "in-cosmetics" event to be held in Paris from 12 to 14 April. We will be present at booth P43, and will present our latest results in the field of dermo-cosmetic.
We are very proud to contribuate to organize next ELRIGfr event in Rennes. The central topic will be “Lab Automation, Formulation & Phenotypic screening” explored during three sessions.

10 Hot European Biotechs to watch in 2016

It is really interesting to see that on 10 hot European biotechs identified by the European Biotech news (labiotech.eu),  4 are french companies: Enterome (Paris), Cellectis (Paris), Genfit (Lille) and  Global Bioenergies (Paris).

C.RIS Pharma move to new building in Saint Malo

Biotechnologies are growing in Brittany ! C.RIS Pharma, specialized in in vitro and in vivo preclinical development of new active molecules, just move to their new building on “Atalante Saint-Malo” area. More than 1 000 m² are added to the entreprise with 75% of laboratories. We wish them a successful installation!

Skin reconstitution by 3D bioprinting

3dfab in Lyon reproduces the different layers of the skin (epidermis, dermis) with 3D bioprinting technology. This reconstructed skin is functional (reacts, is pigmented, secretes collagen, aging…)

Can Confocal Microscopes Compete with the Emergence of Superresolution ?

“Manufacturers have developed super-corrected optics that allow co-localization studies with much more accuracy than before”, said Kevin Jia, senior marketing manager of Life Science at Olympus Scientific Solutions Americas in Waltham, Mass. “Also, throughput on our systems is much higher. Spectral imaging is vastly improved and live-cell imaging is possible with very low laser power.”

Working distance, wavelength ranges and other aspects of the optics now are tailored for specific applications to help confocal move from a fixed-cell technique to a highly sensitive, live-cell technique.

Phenotypic screening on patient derived-cells

To incresase the relevance of the early stage of drug research process, using patient derived-cells is really the good way. This can be now feasible by using iPSCs. This is nicely described in the recent article published on GEN website.


Explain us your requirements and we develop your assays to best meet your needs !

Our vision

To target complex diseases (as cancer and neurodegenerative diseases), more than one target are needed and screening on complex model is recommended.

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