June 2016
 Les beaux jours arrivent, pourquoi ne pas venir nous rencontrer à Cosm’ing, le salon des ingrédients cosmétiques et des biotechnologies à St Malo du 29 juin au 1er juillet ?
Petit retour sur le début de cette année : Après de bons retours du salon in-cosmetics, nous avons bien avancé dans le développement de modèles pour la dermocosmétique et nous sommes en train de les finaliser sur notre dernière acquisition pour l’imagerie par HCS : le Micro XLS® (Molecular Devices).
Nous sommes également heureux de vous annoncer l'arrivée dans l'entreprise de Pierre-Jean Ferron (Docteur en biologie avec une spécialisation en toxicologie cellulaire)  comme directeur d'étude.
Pour toute demande d’information (question d’ordre technique, projet, devis…), n’hésitez pas à nous contacter.
Bon mois de juin à tous !
 Sunny days are here, why do not visit us at Cosm'ing, the cosmetic ingredients and biotechnology show in St Malo from 29 June to 1 July ?
A little return on the beginning of this year : We have made significant improvements in the development of our dermocosmetics models and we are testing them on our latest acquisition, a Micro XLS® (from Molecular Devices)
We are also happy to announce that Dr Pierre-Jean Ferron (PhD in biology with specialization in cellular toxicology) has joined us as Study Director.
For any additional information (technical matter, project, estimation ...), do not hesitate to contact us.
Good month of June to all !

Feed-back of ELRIGfr Rennes 2016

We were proud to co-organize the previous ELRIGfr event in Rennes. 140 people attented this meeting, which was rich in presentations and exchanges during workshops and round tables about automation and innovation. We had the opportunity to attend two of these workshops.

Issues in producing synthetic culture mediums

Whether in the analytical or in the production field, quality and homogeneity of culture media batches in the course of time has a real impact in laboratories. These media may include more than 300 components including proteins, lipids, as well as hormones, and other molecules. Moreover, their cost has a real impact on the budgeting of research projects.

A very good feedback of In-Cosmetics Paris 2016

Tincosmetics-2016he annual high mass of the European In-Cosmetics event is now over for 2 weeks. We are sincerely glad to have met so many interesting people. We were also very excited to show in further details the place of HCS (High Content Screening) in active ingredients discovery process, and to speak of its effectiveness and its relevance during the R&D process.

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Some news in the development of 3D models for biological use

Whether for preclinical research or clinical use, research teams are developing ever finer templates to democratize the use of tissue engineered models. In this publication, the focus is on the development of matrices, guided thanks to a biosynthetic skeleton optimized for cells and tissues aimed to compose it.

Only one month remaining before Cosm’ing !

HCS Pharma is pleased to participate to the Cosm’ing meeting about technological developments in the cosmetic industry. Come and discover our services in Saint-Malo from the 29th June to the first of July 2016. We will present our expertise in cellomic (an imaging approach of cells), giving early results on the effectiveness and the toxicity of active ingredients.

Our first year in Rennes biopole !

Last thursday we celebrated our first year in Rennes Biopole. We were the first company to enter in the building in September 2014 (yes, it's more one and a half years!) thanks to the help of "Rennes Metropole", the owner. So, we wanted to "mark the occasion" with our partners and, of course, we wanted to thanks them ! Nothing was possible without them !

Salk Institute researchers reveal hidden role of Nervous System Cells using a custom tiny microscope

The involvement of astrocytes in pain transmission mechanisms is being better understood, and imaging technics do help for this purpose. Here is presented a mini-microscope developed by the Slak Institute team to explore the involvement of astrocytes in pain transmission in vivo.

We join the “Réseau Entreprendre” circle of laureates

We are very pleased to be distinguished by “Réseau Entreprendre Bretagne” and to enter the circle of laureates. “Réseau entreprendre” is a network of business leaders accompanying the new entrepreneurs. We can thus take part in the development of a dynamic network driven by the experience of its members coming from a large diversity of areas.


Explain us your requirements and we develop your assays to best meet your needs !

New Posters Avalaible

Why HCS ?

To target complex diseases (as cancer and neurodegenerative diseases), more than one target are needed and screening on complex model is recommended.

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