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27 December 2015

KRG's Oil Export Pipeline to Turkey

6 December 2015 / Publication
A Tough Job: Building Democracy in Oil-Dependent Kurdistan  


There is thus an important connection between state funding and state formation, where the level of economic dependence of the state shapes governmental behaviour and determines state-society relations. In that sense, the KRG is different from most other democracies because it relies on oil revenue for over 90% of its budget. These ‘external rents’ are accrued directly by the government, enabling it to fund itself without resorting to taxation of its citizens.

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 Mr Ellwood, UK Minister for Middle East   

23 December 2015 / Meetings
UK to contribute to the post-ISIL stabalisation and reconstruction  


Tobias Ellwood, the UK Minister for the Middle East, views economic reform plans in the Kurdistan Region to be of great necessity, and was interested to learn more about how his country can provide assistance. He also wanted to understand the socio-political dynamics and administrative arrangements in place for Shangal (Sinjar) after its recent liberation. He expressed his country’s wishes to become actively involved in the process of post-liberation stabilisation and reconstruction of the area and noted that “Sinjar can serve as a model for post-war reconstruction” in terms of social cohesion, rule-of-law and post-war investment, if appropriate support is given.

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 Mr Zande, Dutch Consul General to KRI   

23 December 2015 / Meetings
The Dutch Consul General visits MERI

“What happens after ISIL is defeated? And should we be worried about unity in the Kurdistan Region, and Iraq”? These were important questions raised by the Consul-General of the Kingdom of The Netherlands to the Kurdistan Region of Iraq, Mr. John van der Zande, in a meeting with MERI experts. The visiting delegation also included The Netherlands’ Deputy Ambassador to Iraq, Mr. Jan van Weijen, and Senior Policy Officer to Iraq, Mr. Tim Kreuk.

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