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16th February 2015

Turkey-KRG Panel

26 January 2015 / Conference Report
MERI & Al-Sharq Forum: Policy Debate on Turkey-KRG Relations

Turkey is a regional power and an important neighbour and after decades of tensions, relations between Turkey and the Kurdistan Regional Government are improving for the mutual benefit of both sides. For further details on the Turkey-KRG conference. Read more here.

PM Al-Ebadi with Salim Al-Jabouri

 01 February 2015 / Opinion
Post-Maliki Iraq: An uncertain future?

While it is tough to predict how developments in Iraq will manifest in the future, Iraq’s new political dispensation under Haidar Al-Abadi is actively striving to move beyond Maliki’s destabilizing ethno-sectarian legacy and treading the path of dialogue and reconciliation. Read more here.
Farhan Siddiqi
Programme: International Politics and National Security (IPNS)

Kirkuk Battlefront

 01 February 2015 / Opinion
As Battles Rage in Kirkuk, Political Solutions are Needed

There has been a steady growth in the fear of Islamic State ‘sleeper cells’ in the city, which has only been exacerbated by the flood of IDPs into the city. This, in turn, has led to the Sunni population fearing persecution at the hands of Kurds. Read more here. 
Samuel Morris
Programme: International Politics and National Security (IPNS)

Iraqi Council of Representatives

04 February 2015 / Opinion
Iraq's federal budget: Some insights

The final budget of around $100 billion went through several revisions in order to make compatible a higher expense, required to combat ISIS as well as provide humanitarian assistance, with a lower revenue due to decreasing oil prices. Read more here.
Roger Guiu
Programme: Economics, Energy and Environment (EEE)

Working group drafting new law

03 February 2015 / Projects
MERI hosts final round of debate to amend the Law of Combating Domestic Violence

MERI has now finalised the draft amendment of Domestic Violence by accommodating the necessary amendments made by consensus during several months of deliberations. Read more here.
Programme: Democracy and Governance (D&G)

Tom Malinowski at MERI Seminar

12 February 2015 / Seminars
Tom Malinowski: Seizing the Post-ISIS opportunity for democracy and inclusion

The Kurds are our allies and we want the Kurdistan Region to be a successful model of democracy. In this regard, we will continue to build democracy in the Kurdistan Region as this is the best means for gaining the support of the international community. Read more here.

David Miliband at a MERI Briefing

16 February 2015 / Briefings
David Miliband: 'There is a strong humanitarian imperative to engage in Syria and Iraq'

More funding and critical attention is required from the United Nations and world powers to mitigate the humanitarian disaster. Read more here.

UN Delegation on Syria

02 February 2015 / Meetings
High-Level UN Delegation visits MERI to discuss situation in Syria and Iraq

There is a great fear that a new wave of IDP and refugee influx will affect Kurdistan in the next few months as the war on ISIS moves gradually closer to urban areas, such as Mosul. Read more here.

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