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13 July 2016


18 July 2016 / Events
The Role of Kurds in Building Peace and Democracy in the Middle East: Threats and Opportunities 

MERI is pleased to host a seminar for the Chair and Vice Chair of Tigris Communal Research Centre (DITAM) on Monday 18, July 2016, at 10:00 AM. The speakers (Mr. Mehmet KAYA – Chair of DITAM, Mr. Sedat YURTDAŞ – Vice Chair of DITAM) will address a range of pressing issues including the situation of Kurds in Syria, the renewed fighting between the Kurds in Turkey and the Turkish State and possible resolutions. RSVP by email to:   

Please note: This event will be held in Kurdish.


20 July 2016 / Events
From Safe Haven to Shakespeare - United Kingdom-Kurdistan Region Relationship

MERI is pleased to host a seminar for Angus McKee, Consul General of the United Kingdom in the Kurdistan Region and Northern Iraq, on Wednesday 20, July 2016, at 10:00 AM. The Consul General will talk about the relations between the Kurdistan Region and the United Kingdom. As his post in Erbil as Consul General is concluding, McKee will reflect on his time in the Kurdistan Region and Northern Iraq. This event is by invitation only, with 30 seats available, allocated on first come – first serve basis. RSVP by email to:  

Please note: This event will be held in English.

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Iraqi army in action against IS 

11 July 2016 / Opinion
The Battle for Mosul; Pre and Post 'Liberation'


The occupation of Mosul by the Islamic State has become an issue of global importance. The liberation of the city is seen as a symbol for defeating IS in Iraq and there is international pressure to press ahead and begin the process. Herein lies the problem.

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MERI's roundtable on Mosul 

29 June 2016 / Events
Liberating Mosul and the Future of Ninewa


Many are still concerned about administrative and political issues that existed before the fall of Mosul and will be key to ensuring stability upon its liberation.

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MERI Economic Forum 2016 - Summary Report

29 June 2016 / Events
MERI Economic Forum 2016 - Summery Report: Time for a Radical Rethink 

MERI Economic Forum explored the challenges and policy options available to mitigate the current economic crisis in the Kurdistan Region and Iraq. The title, “Time for a Radical Rethink,” was reflected in the debates that resulted in actionable recommendations for the government and private sector. The debates had policy-makers face expert critiques and resulted in concrete recommendations for the KRG and the Central Government in Iraq. The attached report on the MERI Economic Forum 2016 includes summaries for each panel, as well as a recommendation section at the end. You can watch the videos of the sessions on the MERI Economic Forum webpage.

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