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8 March 2015

01 March 2015 / Announcement
MERI Launches Multilingual Website 

MERI strives to become a source of information for researchers, journalists and news networks and MERI members. Read more here.
MERI in Kurdish                 MERI in Arabic 

MERI at the Judicial Council

08 March 2015 / Projects
Visit to Erbil's Court of Appeal marks the launch of the project 'Good Governance and the Justice System' 

To strengthen the Rule of Law, state institutions need to go beyond facilities and infrastructure and provide quality public services through quality performance by each and every civil servant, including judges. Read more here.
Programme: Democracy and Governance (D&G)

MERI at the Judicial Council

26 February 2015 / Projects
MERI initiates new project with the Judicial Council of Kurdistan Region 

On February 26, MERI's Democracy and Governance team was received by the Judicial Council in Erbil to discuss concrete steps to enhance the rule of law in Kurdistan Region. Read more here.
Programme: Democracy and Governance (D&G)

Operation Mosul

 08 March 2015 / Opinion
The Importance of the Battle for Tikrit 

As the much publicised attack on Tikrit is underway, it is important to look at the deeper significance of such an operation. Beyond regaining lost territory, the battle for Tikrit will play a defining role in the coming year for Iraq. Read more here. 
Samuel Morris
Programme: International Politics and National Security (IPNS)

Operation Mosul

 26 February 2015 / Opinion
The Fight Against Islamic State: Operation Mosul 

Defeating the Islamic State, in Iraq, must happen in phases. In the first instance, urban areas will have to be regained. Second, the large rural areas of Iraq will have to be brought back under control. Thirdly, local actors will still have to combat a prolonged and difficult insurgency. Read more here. 
Samuel Morris
Programme: International Politics and National Security (IPNS)


01 February 2015 / Opinion
As Displaced Families Return to Nineveh, How to Address Social Cohesion?

Instead of direct peace-building initiatives that may actually add more fuel to the fire due to the volatile situation, the humanitarian community seems to be rightly prioritising social cohesion between stayees and returnees through an indirect approach. Read more here.
Roger Guiu
Programme: Economics, Energy and Environment (EEE)

Bernard-Henri Lèvy in Erbil

16 February 2015 / Meetings
Bernard-Henri Levy emphasises the urgent need for a clear vision in the fight against ISIS

In Erbil, Bernard-Henri Levy raised his concerns about the international coalitions' lack of clear vision and strategy in the fight against ISIS. Read more here.

Martti Ahtisaari Representatives

02 February 2015 / Meetings
Representatives of Martti Ahtisaari Centre visit MERI to discuss the reconciliation process in Iraq 

"The EU should not leave Iraq to regional players, as Iraq is geographically too close to Europe to be ignored." Read more here.


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