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24 March 2016


23 March 2016 / Announcement 
Time to Register for Economic Forum

MERI Economic Forum 2016 is the first of its kind to be held in Iraq or the Kurdistan Region. The Forum is designed to address the country’s economy and the urgent need for its radical restructuring; and to engage policy- and decision-makers, academics and other international experts in a debate to promote a comprehensive approach to the economic reforms.

Agriculture and Livelihoods Needs Assessment in the Newly Liberated Areas of Kirkuk, Ninewa & Salahadin 

14 March 2016 / Publications
Recovering Agriculture Activities and Livelihoods in Newly Liberated Areas

MERI has recently concluded its research project in collaboration with the UN’s Food & Agriculture Organisation (FAO) on agriculture and livelihoods in newly liberated areas of Iraq. The report covers data on Ninewa, Kirkuk and Salahadin. It focuses on four sectors: crops, livestock, fishery/aquaculture and livelihoods. The report identifies the main problems currently prohibiting the recovery of agricultural activities in the areas liberated from ISIS, and outlines concrete policy-recommendations for recovery in the short, medium and long-term.

LtR Ann Kristin, Geneva Call; Jabbar Yawar & Hajar Ismail, Ministry of Peshmerga Affairs

3 March 2016 / Projects
Training Kurdistan Region's Armed Forces on Compliance with International Humanitarian Law

MERI and Geneva Call have now initiated an ambitious training programme for high-ranking Peshmerga leaders who are currently actively engaged in the war against ISIS, on compliance with International Humanitarian Law (IHL). In collaboration with the Ministry of Peshmerga, the first of a series of workshops was held on Sunday, February 29th, 2016, with active participation of military advisors from the leading countries of the coalition forces, as well as top representatives from international humanitarian organisations (such as ICRC, OCHA and ECHO).

Read more here.

MERI Workshop Compliance of Armed Forces with IHL 

3 March 2016 / Events
Seminar - Compliance of Armed Forces with International Humanitarian Law

“Even during armed conflict, it is important to respect International Humanitarian Law (IHL) because this is how a country and region can build its future peace, and democracy,” stated Ms. Elisabeth Decrey Warner, President and Co-founder of Geneva Call, as she opened the discussion at MERI on Sunday, February 29, 2016. The occasion was a seminar on the compliance of armed forces with international humanitarian law. Before the seminar, a workshop was held to launch a program of future collaboration between MERI, Geneva Call and the Ministry of Peshmerga.

Read more here & Watch the session video here.

European leaders at EU-Turkey Summit 

7 March 2016 / Opinion
Turkey and its Kurdish Issue: The European Union Factor


The EU member states should be concerned that the exacerbation of the Kurdish issue can potentially not only destabilise Turkey further, but also feed into other crises that have been taking place at the same time in Iraq and Syria, and have catastrophic effects on the refugee crisis – a major worry for EU decision-makers.

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24 March 2016 / Opinion
Media, Women & Honour: Cyber Violence Against Women in Iraqi Kurdistan 


The new information and communication technology has provided space for the reproduction of structural violence, cultural norms and patriarchal mode of interaction leading to honour-related violence. They can also take an important part in raising public awareness and changing people’s perceptions of gender roles and the notion of honour.

Read more here.

MERI Roundtable: The Role of Think Tanks and Policy Institutes in Iraqi Kurdistan 

24 March 2016 / Opinion
How Civil Society in the Kurdistan Region Views MERI's Role 

While Kurdistan finds itself currently undergoing security and economic crises, the need for an active and engaged civil society overlaps with the nation-building process. Participants at the roundtable relayed Kurdistan’s most vital needs that civil society should address, and gave input and suggestions to how it can be done and what they would like to see from MERI.

Read more here.


March / Press
MERI Mentions 



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