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STAR 2.0 Orientation: Garden Grove Campus Wednesday, June 28, Garden Grove Campus 5:00-7:30 p.m.
2017 Summer Institute: July 13 and 14 at the Garden Grove Center. Registration is now open! Register here!

 2nd Annual Dolphin Day: August 14all new Coastline College students will be invited to the College Center in Fountain Valley to learn more about the support services available to them. Offices that decorate their offices in the Spirit of Dolphin Day will be entered to win prizes!

Annual Acquired Brian Injury Program Walk: October 14, 2017. Details coming soon!
Graduation 2017
On Friday, June 2, Coastline Community College held the 41st annual Graduation Ceremony at the Robert B. Moore Theater on the campus of Orange Coast College. Every year, the entire College comes together to celebrate its purpose: Helping students achieve their educational goals. The smiles, hugs, handshakes, and words of congratulations were apparent everywhere on graduation day and the mood was that of sincere thankfulness and celebration.
The Ceremony began promptly at 4:00 p.m., beginning with the Processional of the Platform Party followed by Coastline Faculty, Administrators, and special guests from the District. After the first two groups, the graduates processed into the theater in two lines, led by two of the teacher-of-the-year award recipients, Judy Montague and Celeste Ryan.
The Installation Support Command of the California State Military Reserve Joint Forces Training Base in Los Alamitos provided the color guard for the Presentation of the Flags. The pledge of allegiance was led by Associated Student Government Treasurer Jesse Blanco and was immediately followed by the Star Spangled Banner, sung by Alyssa Leones, a current Coastline student in the STAR 2.0 program.
The Opening of the Ceremony was presented by Professor Ann Holliday, Past Academic Senate President, and followed by an introduction of the Platform Party. President of the Board of Trustees, David Grant, gave an inspiring welcome to the graduates and was followed by heartfelt congratulatory remarks from Academic Senate President Stephen Barnes, Classified Senate Representative Shanon Gonzalez, and Associated Student Government Treasurer Jesse Blanco.

Dr. Lori Adrian, Coastline’s President, offered a motivating message to the graduates and highlighted various groups represented among them. She asked students to stand and be recognized for their participation as active duty service members, EOPS/CalWORKs, Student Government, and other categories. Her message was followed immediately by the recognition of the teachers of the year by Dr. Vince Rodriguez, Vice President of Instruction. This year featured two full-time faculty members (Celeste Ryan and Judy Montague) as well as one part-time faculty member (Katie Stubblefield).
After the musical interlude by the graduation singer, Alyssa Leones, Ross Miyashiro, Vice President of Student Services took the podium and provided an introduction for the student speaker, Lauren King. Lauren gave an inspiring speech in which she highlighted the perseverance she developed while completing her degree at Coastline. The audience was visibly moved by her words and responded with a heartfelt applause.
After the student speaker, the graduates were presented with diplomas and had an opportunity to snap a photo with Coastline President, Dr. Lori Adrian, shake hands with members of the Board, and receive a flower to congratulate them. English Department Faculty Scott Davis and Vice President of Administrative Services Christine Nguyen read the names of the graduates. Once all graduates crossed the stage and were seated, Dr. Adrian asked all graduates to stand and turn their tassels. The audience erupted into joyful applause and the recessional began shortly after.

For more information about the Graduation Event, or to provide any feedback, please contact Graduation Committee Chair Nathan Brais at

 2017 Coastline Graduates Share Their Stories
Don Pham
Don Pham, a 2017 Graduate of Coastline, grew up in Santa Ana and graduated from Mater Dei High School. He played on the tennis team and was an active member of the art club in high school.
At first, he enrolled in courses and was unaware of all of the great resources Coastline offered to get involved.

“My time at Coastline became much more meaningful when I joined organizations such as APACT and ASG. They gave me so many opportunities to grow and develop as a person.”

Don is continuing his education and pursuing a degree in Business Administration at Cal State Long Beach. One day in the future he plans on running a business and traveling the world,  and connecting with different people who will continue to make life fun and meaningful, like his experience at Coastline.

Mariana Ocampo
Mariana Ocampo, 2017 Graduate and STAR 2.0 student, decided to attend Coastline Community College after a presentation about the STAR 2.0 program at her high school.

“My GPA in high school was acceptable in most UCs and Cal states but I was not ready to go.” Originally, college was not part of her future plan and she was undecided on a major, which played a big part in her uncertainty about attending college.

“The STAR program sounded too perfect to be true; two years to transfer, small classes, and guaranteed classes,” said Mariana. “I learned loads of things about Coastline including the psychology major. The psychology major was fascinating to me.”

Mariana credits the organization of the STAR program and the enthusiasm of the dedicated staff in fueling her desire to pursue higher education. She decided to go to Coastline and earn a degree in psychology. The STAR program was there to support her along her path to graduation and helped her in many ways when she was struggling or had questions.

“There was a tutor who always helped and the classes were small. I was able to have one-on-one interaction with my professors. I am the first one in my family to have an AAT and an AST in psychology,” said Mariana.
She is also the first one in her family to pursue a Bachelor’s Degree.

“I know that I have made my father proud of me. Thanks to the STAR program, it helped me take the first steps into college. It helped me become a stronger and independent person. The STAR program brought lots of people together that I now call my friends. Thanks to STAR program, I feel proud of myself and I know I can pursue my education farther.”

The  2017 Classified
Senate Luncheon
On Thursday, June 15, Coastline’s Classified Senate recognized outgoing officers and installed incoming officers. The 2016-17 Classified Senate was characterized by President Adrian, as highly dedicated, driven, and innovative. Thank you to Chancellor Dr. John Weispfenning and Vice President Mary Hornbuckle for attending and helping with the installation of officers. We are pleased to support the new Classified Senate Officers for the 2017-18 academic year and look forward to another successful term!
The Classified Senate would like to thank Dr. Adrian for her contribution to the lunch catered by Hole Mole, as well as the Managers, Vice Presidents and other constituents for their help and support throughout the term.  The current officers have enjoyed working with everyone and look forward to what the new board has in store for next year!
Classified Senate Executive Board 2016-17:
Kevin Donahue: President
Kerry Jones: Co-Vice President
Cody Pontius: Co-Vice President
Anita Russell: Co- Vice President of Fundraising and Event Planning 
Kelly O’Steen: Co- Vice President of Fundraising and Event Planning
Eunice Castorena: Vice President of Finance
Laura Hayes: Recorder
Mark Worden: Immediate Past President
New Board:
Kevin Donahue: President
Tom Tran: Co-Vice President
Kasie Hipp Mirhashemi: Co-Vice President
Mercedes Pacheco: Co-Vice President of Fundraising and Event Planning
Maria Hernandez Figueroa: Co-Vice President of Fundraising and Event Planning
Maria Mai: Vice President of Finance
Tom Boscamp: Recorder
OC Innovation Speakers' Series
Coastline Community College Foundation hosted its first Cybersecurity luncheon on Friday, June 9th at the Irvine Marriott. It was a successful event, with over 150 guests in attendance and the support of 13 sponsors from local community members and corporations. 
The luncheon panel included a variety of cybersecurity professionals, such as an intelligence analyst and officer from Orange County Intelligence Assessment Center (OCIAC); Ken Palla, Director of Enterprise Information Security from Union Bank; Peter Kim, Director, Global Vulnerability Research at Blizzard Entertainment;  Adam Couch, Vice President of Professional Services from CisoShare, and Coastline faculty members, Tobi West and Steve Linthicum. The panel presentations were facilitated by Craig Oberlin, Senior Director of User Support & Help Desk/Chief Information Security Officer at Coast Community College District, and Coastline’s Director of eLearning Research and Development, Dave Thompson.
During the first panel, the audience learned from experts on how to protect themselves from cyber-attacks and what to do if victimized.The panelists provided insights from the perspectives of the hacker, the financial institutions, as well as law enforcement agencies that combat and prosecute cyber crimes.The second panel explored the cybersecurity workforce needs, as well as the benefits of having younger generations introduced to networking and IT through Cyber Competitions.  According to the National Security Administration (NSA), cybersecurity attacks are the greatest threat to national security, cyber-crime, terrorism, and espionage are on the rise. The high demand for cybersecurity professionals has left a dire shortage of qualified individuals to fulfill that need.The Foundation anticipates offering future events like this one, to create awareness of Coastline’s academic program offerings and provide resources to support the community and businesses in Orange County.

Early College High School Graduation 
Early College High School (ECHS) class of 2017 was conferred at their graduation ceremony on June 1, 2017. 56 ECHS students participated in the ceremony. 

Early College High School (NMUSD), has had an ongoing partnership with Coastline College for several years.  Coastline College faculty teach college level courses during the ECHS bell schedule Monday through Thursday (and Friday when necessary).

Representatives from Coast District and Coastline College were in attendance at the graduation ceremony.  Attending were: Trustee Mary Hornbuckle and Trustee Jerry Patterson; Vice Chancellor, Dr. Andrew Dunn;  President, Dr. Lori Adrian, Vice President, Dr. Vince Rodriguez, Vice President, Ross Miyashiro, Dean, Dr. Dana Emerson, Dean, Dr. Bruce Keeler, A&R Director, Jennifer McDonald and Instructional Programs Facilitator, Karen McLucas.
Coastline Joins
Fountain Valley's 
60th Anniversary Parade
On Saturday, June 24, Coastline staff, students, and their friends and family members, walked in the 60th Anniversary Parade for the City of Fountain Valley, proudly representing the city's only college.

The parade route covered a short distance down Heil Avenue and concluded at the annual Summerfest carnival at the Fountain Valley Sports Park, where guests continued to enjoy rides, games and live entertainment through Sunday night.

Special thanks to the Marketing Department for recruiting and coordinating the volunteers, the Print shop for the beautiful banner and signs, Luis Morales for the banner design, Kathy Mckindley for the adorable Coastline kids T-shirts, and Levi Orman for bringing Finn to life!

A big thank you also to the friends and family who participated with enthusiasm! 
Everyone had a great time and Coastline was honored be included in the celebration.
Coastline Community College Launches The Coastline College Promise
Students today face many challenges when they make the decision to go to college and many of them find that the financial burden or lack of guidance are barriers when it comes to completing their degree or certificate.

Coastline Community College recently launched the Coastline College Promise. This new initiative will help ensure that local high school graduates have the best chance of completing a college degree or Career & Technical certificate. The Promise includes vouchers for textbooks and enrollment fee support for the first year, high priority status for registration each semester, and other resources for support during their academic career at Coastline.

Coastline President, Dr. Lori Adrian said, “Our goal is to offer high school graduates the opportunity to break through the common barriers that often prevent many students from attending college and earning a degree. The College Promise will assist students who face challenges due to a lack of finances or family support with guided direction, supplemental instruction, educational planning, and much more.” 

Recent graduates from the high school districts of Newport-Mesa, Huntington Beach, and Garden Grove are eligible to apply to the Coastline College Promise. The Promise program will be funded due to a multi-year commitment of the Coastline Community College Foundation Board of Directors. The Coastline Community College Foundation has committed $300,000 of their annual budget to fund the Coastline College Promise through the fall semester of 2020. Foundation funding will be supplemented by the College’s entrepreneurial and/or grant funds.

The students who qualify to participate in the College Promise will have expectations and guidelines to abide by to ensure their success including seeing a counselor and/or attending group counseling at least once a semester, attending supplemental instruction and/or tutoring when the need is evaluated by college staff, attendance at career and/or transfer events and completing 20 hours of community service the first year. They will also need to be enrolled in a minimum of 9 units per semester and maintain a GPA of 2.0 or higher.

A 2013 Coastline Graduate, Colleen Kayter, praised the new program, "Coastline nailed it when they envisioned the future of education as something that could and should be woven into adult life, regardless of lifestyle, responsibilities, finances or location. I am so grateful for the flexibility of online and hybrid courses." she said, "Kudos, Coastline, for this new program that makes education affordable for high school grads. I hope many will choose to take advantage of it."

For more information about this opportunity and to apply, go to: Check out the article about Coastline’s College Promise in the OC Register:
Tobi West, CIS Professor

Academic Background
MSBA, Cal Poly Pomona 
BSOM, University of La Verne
A little about Tobi
Tobi has been full-time tenure-track faculty at Coastline for two years in the CIS and CST departments teaching cybersecurity and networking courses. She works with staff to develop and coordinate a variety of programs at the Garden Grove Campus to attract new students and develop pathways for high school and middle school students. These programs include the Cybersecurity Apprenticeship Program, CyberGirlz, CyberPatriot training and competition for cyber defense, cybersecurity pathway days, and the Xploit cybersecurity club.
Tobi focuses on student-centered activities that help individuals of all ages to gain the knowledge they need for hands-on technical skills and soft skills, improving their marketability for cyber professions. She enjoys developing a supportive environment for students to learn and grow at their own pace.
Interesting and unknown facts
Tobi has two sons in college, each is currently attending a school where she teaches (Coastline and Cal Poly Pomona). She enjoys traveling to new locations for music festivals and attending cybersecurity conferences. Maggie, her adorable chocolate Labrador Retriever puppy is just 9 months old.
Why I love working at Coastline
Coastline provides both the collaborative and hands-on environments to develop professional skills. I have enjoyed working with staff over the last couple of years to build sustainable programs for current and future Coastline students. Everyone at Coastline shares the team spirit and common goal of making student life great!
Special thanks to those at GGC and College Center that have met unexpected deadlines to make our programs possible. Way to go!
Where you can find me
Easily connect by email! Stop by for a chat at the 3rd floor, Faculty Office, Garden Grove Center.
Paolo Varquez, M.S.,  Coastline Community College Career Services Coordinator, recently appointed to the Executive Board Leadership as the Technology Chair for -California Career Development Association (CCDA).

Congratulations Paolo!


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