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All College Spring Meeting 2017
The 2017 Spring All College Meeting was held on Friday, February 24th at the Rose Center in Westminster. The morning meetings included an Accreditation Standards Chairs meeting. Concurrently, an informative workshop on personal safety, led by Mike Clover, Director Public Safety & Emergency Management.The workshop was concluded with a very powerful video on an Active Shooter. Next up were meetings of Associated Student Government, Classified Senate, Management Team, and AFT/CFE Union.
Of course, everyone enjoyed a scrumptious lunch of cheese enchiladas and beef fajitas with salad, rice, beans, and tortilla chips. A warm welcome and thanks were given from Dr. Loretta P. Adrian, as she gave an overview of the day’s events. Special guests, Chancellor, John Weispfenning Ph. D.
, and Board President, David Grant also welcomed everyone and gave words of wisdom, encouragement, and inspiration.  Everyone was then treated to an engaging and informative General Session comprised of 16, Five-minute Charette presentations given by Coastliners (listed below), highlighting the themes of Innovation and Accreditation.
Many thanks also go to Board Vice President, Mary Hornbuckle, Board Clerk, Lorraine Prinsky, Ph.D., Vice Chancellor of Educational Services and Technology, Dr. Andreea M. Serban, and Andy Dunn, Vice Chancellor of Finance and Administrative Services who showed their support by attending.

The day was concluded with wrap-up meetings for faculty, staff, and managers: Dr. Adrian led the meeting for the classified Staff; Academic Senate President, Stephen Barnes, J.D. led the meeting for the Faculty; and the Management team meeting was led by Vice Presidents, Christine Nguyen, Dr. Vince Rodriguez, and Dr. Ross Miyashiro, with presentations by Renate Akins and Dr. Aeron Zentner.
Charettes Presentations:
  1. Accreditation 101 – Aeron Zentner & Danny Pittaway
  2. DOLPHIN: Habits of Mind and Growth Mindset – Danny Pittaway
  3. Learning 1st; Associate to Bachelors Pathways - Joycelyn Groot
  4. MyOpenMath (MOM) – Chau Tran/Jessica Kuang
  5. Statistics Pathway -- Innovative Curriculum -  Lisa Lee
  6. Cybersecurity Competition & Outreach – Tobi West
  7. SLO's from the Student Perspective: The Biology Department Pilot Study - Debbie Henry and Steven Fauce
  8. The Arts Can Solve Your Problem – David Lee
  9. Bowling for Success: The College and Guided Pathways – Stephen Barnes
  10. Title III & Intercultural Center - Rene Gutierrez & Intercultural Resource Center Staff (Tiffany, Stephanie, Louise & Peterson)
  11. Federal Work Study at Coastline - Steve Woodyard
  12. The New Coastline Mobile App – Nathan Brais
  13. YOU can use the Coastline Online Library - Elizabeth Horan
  14. OER and You:  Zooming in on Zero-Cost Textbooks – Scott Davis
  15. Faculty Success Center New Media Service – Cheryl Chapman
  16. Guess the TV Show – Fred Feldon
 Special Thanks go to everyone who participated, contributed, and made this  AWESOME Meeting happen! We all look forward to a productive semester!

Coastline Students
Win 1st and 2nd Prizes
for Design Contest!
Two Coastline Digital Media Design students recently submitted their original work to the "Careers in Energy" contest in an effort to increase awareness about energy careers and to promote science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) education while advancing their skills in design and photoshop.

Mahria Fink won first place with a prize of $1000 for her poster "Careers in Energy are available for you" (pictured above on the left) and Rachel Tufono received a second place award of $500 for her poster "Careers in Industrial Construction." (Pictured above on the right).

Both students were encouraged to submit their work by Digital Applications Instructor, Angela Gomez-Holbrook. Mahria and Rachel were enrolled in the online DGA 116B Intermediate Adobe Photoshop course, in the Fall of 2016, as well as the online Digital Graphics Applications 118A Adobe Illustrator course in the Digital Graphic Applications Department. The two winners, along with 17 students in their class, completed the assignment but only 7 verified by email that they entered their work in the contest.

"As a CTE program, I believed the poster design would be an excellent method to increase awareness of career pathways, said Gomez.  "In the Coastline DGA Digital Graphics courses, students not only study the Arts Media and Entertainment pathways, but also interview industry professionals about training, 2-4 year educational paths, salary, and benefits."

Through participating in this contest, students gained awareness of the growing opportunities within the energy and utilities industries, where there are 1.4 openings for every candidate.

Although their designs were STEM focused, the students plan to stay in the field of Digital Design. Mahria is currently working towards a Digital Media Design certificate at Coastline to further her career. She is enjoying taking on freelance jobs for design experience.

Rachel is currently working in the field and working full-time in Sales & Marketing developing marketing collateral (e.g., brochures, catalogs, signage, etc.) and programs for her Sales team. She plans to transition into web design for her current employer.

Both students expressed how helpful Digital Graphics Applications 116B was to garner more knowledge in adding to their skill set in Photoshop.


For more information about the Digital Media Design Certificate Program please visit:

CCC Celebrates
Black History Month
Special Guest, Mariahdessa Ekere Tallie, Author and Poet Presents at the Garden Grove Center
On February 16th, in celebration of Black History Month, the Title III Office and Human Resources Department welcomed acclaimed poet and author Mariahadessa Ekere Tallie to Coastline Community College.

Mariahadessa Ekere Tallie is the author of Karma’s Footsteps and Dear Continuum: Letters to a Poet Crafting Liberation  which Split This Rock named a Spectacular Book of 2015. She is the Poetry Editor of African Voices magazine. Tallie's work has been published in numerous literary journals and anthologies including North American Review, WSQ: Women’s Studies Quarterly, Black Renaissance Noire, Crab Orchard Review, BOMB, Paris/Atlantic, Mom Egg, The Golden Shovel, The BreakBeat Poets , and  Listen Up! .

In addition to the poetry reading, Mariahadessa engaged in a lively dialogue with the audience and discussed how poetry is one way to work towards social justice.    Students, faculty, and staff had the opportunity to hear a live reading of Mariahadessa’s work – including excerpts from her books.

For more information about Ms. Tallie please visit:
To learn more about events like this, email the IRC at:
Brandon Leake, Spoken Word Poet,
Leads Engaging Discussion and Performance
about the Topics of his Poems
On Wednesday, February 22, 2017 Coastline's Associated Student Government (ASG) celebrated Black History month by welcoming 24 year-old Brandon Leake, a spoken word poet from Northern California. This special event at the Newport Beach Center. Brandon shared his poems, shared his thoughts about social justice issues especially affecting the Black community in the U.S., and helped run an open mic session.

Leake is a graduate of Simpson University, in Redding, Ca, from 2010-2014 and obtained a B.A. degree in Psychology. Coastline was moved that he reached out to the Student Life department to book a performance on campus as the last stop on his tour for his spoken-word album,  In My Thoughts. 

Leake grew up in the "ghetto" of Stockton, Ca and his family was poor and faced many hardships. He described his neighborhood as a "food desert".  He told the audience stories of walking miles to get a piece of fruit and how candy was considered part of the 4 Food Groups. He also spoke of the strong bond he had with his mother and her fears of him not returning home at night due to a bad interaction with a police officer or gang member. His upbringing inspired his drive for a better, positive life.

A small group of students attended, as well as faculty, staff, administrators, and counselors.  Leake engaged them in a discussion after the performance about the topics and themes in his poems. He shared storied and values with the students about racial discrimination, police brutality, his childhood education, and what inspires him daily to keep going and stay positive.

 “I hate the term Melting Pot. I like to use the term Mosaic, like a collage of colors” said Leake,  "My goal with my words isn’t to make everyone do what black people do, but to encourage everyone to be able to come and display what the beauty of their culture brings. I want you to see my color and embrace my culture and heritage."

Leake adopted this art form to share his perceptions and help people who feel voiceless understand that their thoughts and words are valued. He states in his Facebook Biography, "I truly feel that through art we can change the world." 

Having Leake perform was a great experience for Coastline! The message was motivating and it was exciting to see the various talents shared by students and employees alike. Coastline ASG is excited to bring more guests this year  to our various campuses and hopes more students are encouraged to attend and participate!

For more information on Brandon Leake visit:
In My Thoughts is available for download or purchase on iTunes at:

For more information about upcoming ASG events, please email: 

Join the President and Cabinet Members for an
Open Forum Discussion!
President’s Open Hour &
President’s Cabinet Open Forum
Everyone is Welcome!
Pizza, Dessert and Water will be provided, but please feel free to bring your own lunch if you like.
March 9, 2017
Open Hour: 8:30 - 9:30 a.m.
Open Forum: Noon—1:00 p.m.
Garden Grove Center
Room 207
April 13, 2017
Open Hour: 8:30 - 9:30 a.m.
Open Forum: Noon—1:00 p.m.
Newport Beach Center
Room 332
April 27, 2017
Open Hour: 8:30 - 9:30 a.m.
Open Forum: Noon—1:00 p.m.
Le-Jao Center
Dean’s Conference Room
May 11, 2017
Open Hour: 8:30 - 9:30 a.m.
Open Forum: Noon—1:00 p.m.
College Center
4th Floor Conference Room
From the
Marketing Department!
The Marketing & Public Relations Department is excited to introduce the new Online Marketing Request System! 

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 Promotion of YOUR Events, Programs, etc.:
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 All we need from YOU is information (Who, What, Why, When, Where, etc.).
Please fill out a Marketing Request Form at:
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The Marketing Team is dedicated to helping you reach out to students and market all of the great services, programs, and events in a creative and innovative way. We look forward to working with you!
The Marketing Team:
Jenny Fasulkey (Social Media), Chris Johnston (Webmaster), Luis Morales (Graphic Designer), Tom Nguyen (Printshop), George Santoro (Printshop), Kathy Strube (Graphic Designer), Judy Garvey (Interim Marketing Director)
This week’s In the Spotlight article is about our very innovative online resource, the Online Library.

The Virtual Library, as it was originally named, was “born” 18 years ago. As the famous saying goes, Necessity is the Mother of Invention.  
Coastline was inspired to invent what was to be a tremendous resource for the college.  Up until 18 years ago, Coastline provided and arranged for students to use off-site libraries. After receiving a visit from the Accrediting body and at the recommendation of the Academic Senate, Coastline created an online library. Having a library and librarian to accommodate our distance learners, as well as our on-site students, that also met budget constraints, was a great solution. The concept, at the time was quite innovative, but Coastline was up for the challenge and creativity. Today the library continues to be valuable resource for students, as well as for Coastline staff and faculty.

A little history about our official first Librarian: In 1998, Cheryl Stewart was hired to work in the Distance Learning Department for 12 hours a week to “develop the "library”. For two and a half years she worked to show how important a library is to student success and how essential it is to an educational institution. In 2000, the Academic Senate approved a full-time Librarian position and Cheryl became the first Librarian at Coastline.

“The library was online from the beginning.
Cost was an issue; the college did not have the money to provide a physical library. But even more relevant, was the fact that we had so many off-campus learners and since Coastline had a core value of innovation and creativity, it was a natural”, Cheryl reports today.

The Library at Coastline started as a web page that Cheryl and Tho Vinh created. The web page was a curated directory/index/catalog of informational websites and functioned very well. Soon, the Library was given permission to “spend some money” and Cheryl began by subscribing to four databases.

was an issue; the college didn't have the money to provide a physical library. But even more relevant was the fact that we had so many off-campus learners and since Coastline had a core value of innovation and creativity, it was a natural”, Cheryl reports today.
VirtualLibrary, continued to build its collection of subscription databases under Cheryl. As part of the Distance Learning Department it soon became a great resource for faculty and students. Cheryl, as the only Librarian at Coastline, represented the Library and became involved at the state level. Coastline was known for its innovation and the Virtual Library became known throughout the state and of course, at Coastline.

Cheryl created a unique Library for Coastline students and also started a textbook reserve collection at the Learning Commons at the Garden Grove Center. As technology and higher education evolved, Cheryl made sure the Coastline “Online Library” was a solid resource for Coastline students, faculty, and staff.

When Cheryl retired in 2016 she had spearheaded and championed many projects. The Online Library was passed to Coastline’s second Librarian, Elizabeth Horan who had been mentored and trained by Cheryl.

Elizabeth was tasked with making the library integrate with Canvas, the new learning management system. She was also tasked with finding ways to increase Library usage. Under Elizabeth’s reign, the library website has additional features. It has been revised and has increased reference assistance for incarcerated students. There is now also a Coastline Library YouTube channel, as well as online Library Workshops in Canvas.

The Coastline Online Library continues to be innovative and a great resource for Coastline students, faculty, and staff. Started when Coastline was the “College without Walls” it has graduated and is now part of “Tomorrow's College, Today”. 

Visit the Coastline Online Library today.
In the February 23 issue of the President’s Bulletin, the article regarding the donation of a bike to the Potter’s Lane Veterans incorrectly stated that the Coastline VRC donated the bike to the community.  However, the bike was donated by Heroes Deserve Help, led by Nat Miller, who has been an amazing supporter of Coastline’s student veterans, as well as veterans throughout the community.  Coastline wishes to thank Nat and Heroes Deserve Help for their tremendous dedication and commitment to our Veterans. 

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