Issue 24  |   February 2016
ESL Biosciences, in partnership with Euroimmun AG, offer the most comprehensive range of diagnostic products and services for the determination of autoantibodies

Dermatology Profile ELISA (IgG)

ELISA for the detection of the six most important autoantibodies in bullous autoimmune dermatoses

Euroimmun offers ELISA dermatology profiles which are fastsimple to read, and cost-effective. Simultaneous investigations may be carried out in a single test run. With ready-to-use reagents, room temperature testing, and a universal calibrator, the procedure is cost-effective, simple, and quick.

This profile comprises the six most important structural proteins of the skin, against which autoantibodies in bullous autoimmune dermatoses are directed. These proteins are BP180, BP230, Desmoglein 1 and 3, Envoplakin, and Collagen Type VII. The ELISA kit demonstrates very good reproducibility, sensitivity, and specificity.

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