Issue 22  |   November 2015
ESL Biosciences, in partnership with Euroimmun AG, offer the most comprehensive range of
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Determination of antibodies against Legionella pneumophila with Euroimmun ELISA and IIFT

Legionella is a bacterial infection of the respiratory tract that presents in two forms: Pontaic fever and Legionnaire's disease.  Depending on patient health and treatment onset, lethality sits at around 15%.  In untreated individuals this increases to 80%.  Legionella bacteria tend to be transmitted through inhalation of water aerosols.  The bacteria is found worldwide, and prefers to proliferate in warm water.

Direct detection of the bacterium (in culture, through direct immunofluorescence, or with PCR) is successful only in 5 to 30% of cases - thus, indirect test methods such as ELISA and IIFT are particularly important in a clinical setting.

ELISA is used by laboratories that require a quantifiable, automated, quick result. Euroimmun offer three Legionella ELISA kits, each of which tests for one Ig class.


IIFT is currently the standard method for antibody detection.  A simple and comprehensive Euroimmun Legionella IIFT consists of up to 6 BIOCHIPs.  BIOCHIP Mosaics are used for the enhancement, standardisation, and modernisation of IIFT.  Click here for more information.

Please note that the exact combination of serotypes and species is fully customisable for your laboratory.
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