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Welcome to the Vision Accounting e-newsletter for October. This is a great way for us to share important information you need to know, helpful tips and hints and practical resources to help you in business for 2014.

What's New?

We are very excited to announce the launch of the new Vision Accounting Website

We have been very busy behind the scenes developing a fresh new look, and providing key information which is helpful, of value and designed to be an excellent resource for our small to medium business clients. We have included a variety of free tools and resources you can use including key dates, tax facts, calculators, past newsletters with great information and helpful links.
We are committed to improving our service to you – so are hopeful you will enjoy our new site and make use of the information provided.

So check out the new site at: and let us know what you think!

What you need to know:

Do you know the recent changes to Parental Leave?  If you are an employer or self-employed yourself – then you need to be aware of this….

Parental Leave

Reduce the cost of paying late terminal, provisional tax

On 1 July 2014, the rates for paid parental leave increased. If you're self-employed or an employee and eligible for paid parental leave, you may receive up to a maximum of $504.10 a week before tax. If you're self-employed and make a loss or earn less than the minimum wage, for at least 10 hours work a week, the payment is $142.50 each week before tax (equivalent to 10 hours each week at the current minimum wage rate). 

If you’d like a fact sheet on your obligations as an employer, or on paid parental leave for self-employed people, please contact us on   (09) 415 0319    or E-mail: 


This Month’s Top Tips

For anyone working from home, or wanting some tips and strategies to help you keep on track and focused at work – read our top tips below…

Working at peak in the home office

The washing pile is getting higher, the dishwasher light is flashing and the cat is crying for another bowl of milk. Thoughts flick through your mind about the feasibility of doing some of the jobs now, leaving them until later or when exactly you might decide to knock off for the day. These, along with a long line of others, are just some of the temptations that lure you to procrastinate when working from home.

Whether you work from home full or part time, there are some basic steps you can take to avoid these common pitfalls and ensure you keep your motivation and discipline on track.

Make a plan

If you were heading into an office environment each day, it’s most likely you’d make a list of the tasks that need to be achieved. The same rule should apply when you’re working from home. Do it the night before or even the morning of, but either way, establish some structure and stick to it. Ticking the items off will give you a sense of accomplishment and provide some direction and goals to ensure you stay on track.  

Dress code

It would be oh so easy to slink from the bedroom to the home office space in your pyjamas. But this is not a good idea on so many levels. You may have surprise visitors or be called to an appointment unexpectedly and it pays to be prepared. More importantly though, dressing appropriately can be motivating and will assist in putting you in the right frame of mind for the day ahead. You will be less likely to lie on the couch in your pencil skirt or suit pants.

Think about your team

Be it your business partner, colleagues or boss - think about the people you should be respecting and, potentially, would be letting down by being less committed and productive.  

Eliminate Distraction

If social media sites are a concern, there are programs that can be easily installed on your computer to avoid such distractions. Turn off your cell phone if it means that text messages won’t deter you from the job at hand, and only check your phone when it’s break time. These rules would apply at work, so should also apply at home. Avoid particular rooms in the house that may entice you to start on a cleaning frenzy or a spot of DIY.
Be aware of your weaknesses and show some discipline. Lay down the law with friends and family and ensure they understand that you’re working, not having a day off. Getting into good habits from the beginning will lay the groundwork and help to prevent any procrastination pitfalls.

Ask us a question

Have you got an accounting question that leaves you worried or confused?

We love a challenge – see if we can come up with the answer that gives you the ‘ah ha! moment'.
Contact Virginia at Vision Accounting NOW on 09 415 0319

Boost your bottom line

For new businesses in that critical early period, cashflow is a vital part of staying afloat to establish and grow the business. Established businesses also know the importance of cashflow to help you keep everything running while you grow the business. If you can't reach your targets for income, reining in your costs can help give you a little extra head room to manage cashflow while you're planning your next move.

Cost control can contribute to business success or failure but it can be hard to get a handle on it as your business costs can work on a number of levels. It can be a challenge to pinpoint hidden costs or where your established ways of doing things cost you more money than they should.

It's more than just keeping an eye on outgoings (though that's important). It's about looking at each aspect of your business and all your business systems (or the gaps where there should be business systems) to see if poor practice is driving costs up unnecessarily.

It can be helpful to break it down a little. You can look at it in terms of cost centres such as power or office supplies. Or you can look at what those costs do for your business. It can help to analyse costs in terms of cost of sale and overheads.

Every dollar you can pull back from your costs can go straight onto your bottom line. Talk to us if you'd like to review your costs and your systems to keep costs under control. Whether your sales are booming or busting, you want to make sure that while you're focused on revenue, your costs aren't ballooning and you're still delivering on your bottom line.
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So make the last quarter of the year count, and we hope you found these updates useful.

We offer the service of a one on one meeting to review your financials and help you make better business decisions for the next 12 months.  

This one meeting can make a huge difference to the cashflow and profit of your business.
If you would like to book in for a business review meeting, or to have a no-obligation chat - we’re happy to help.

Virginia and the team at Vision Accounting 

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