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Othello Bulletin          Issue 355          Date 2016-01-31

News from the
World Othello Federation

Dear Othello friends. 
This is the first Othello bulletin with news about the W.O.C. 2016 and informations from the World Othello Federation.

World Othello Championship 2016, Mito, Japan

We are pleased to announce that the 40th World Othello Championship will be held in Mito, Japan, November 1-4, 2016.

The World Othello Championship 2016 is arranged by the World Othello Federation.
The tournament will be sponsored by MegaHouse Corporation.
Our host will be the Japan Othello Association.
The World Othello Federations Tournament Directors will be Benkt Steentoft, Tor-Birger Skogen and Hiroyoshi Kudo.

The venue will be the Hotel Lake View, Mito
Informations about venue, accomodations, WOC informations and the WOC 2016 homepage, will be sent out latest in April.

The W.O.C. reglemente about who can register to W.O.C. 2016, you can find here!
It is important that each Federations council read the information.

Registrations of National teams sends to 
Last day for registration is June 30th, 2016.
When a National team will be registered, the name of the players + theirs email address must be sent to us. Also the name and email of who is responsible of the team.

Japan Othello Association arrange together with Mito City Othello events in the Mito November 5th-6th. 
More informations about those event will be sent out latest April.

Registrations of National team, questions about W.O.C. 2016 -

Informations about Mito City, travels, hotels and other questions about Japan -
Informations and questions about the Mito Othello festival -


Welcome to W.O.C. 2016 in Japan!


News for the World Othello Championship

Ladies Throphy 
Semifinals will be played between female player 1 & 4 and 2 & 3.
Semifinals and finals is one game. 

Prizes to the W.O.C. winners
Throphies to the Worldchampion, the runner-up, 3rd and 4th place, Lady Thropys winner and the runner-up
As earlier W.O.C. the World Champion get USD3,000, the runner-up get USD1,500, 3rd place get USD750, 4th place get USD250, and Lady Thropys-winner get USD250.

Team W.O.C. 
Team 1-3 will get medallions. All four players in an national team get medallions.
The W.O.C. team champions will get Gold-medallions and the team get USD1,000. The runner-up Silver-medallions and the team get USD800. The third team get Bronze-medallions and the team get USD600. 


Crews for W.O.C 2016.

They who are interested to attend as crew in W.O.C. 2016 can send an asking to It is important that all askings to be a crew at W.O.C. 2016 will be registered before June 20. After that the persons who have asked to be crews will get answer if it is needed or not. 
If you have any askings, please contact us!



The W.O.F. council is working with W.O.F future. It is several important projects who now is starting up.
The W.O.F. office is created to support our members. Feel free to use it as member!
W.O.F. is also discussing coming cooperations with trademark owners MegaHouse.
We will inform you that Taiwan is a new country in the World Othello Federation.

W.O.F. committees
Do you want, or do you want to recommend someone, to be member in one of the W.O.F. committees
Are you a person who want to make Othello wellknown and have a lot of ideas how to do it, please contact the W.O.F. office!
Youth & School, Media & PR, Events and Online is some of the committees we need enthusiastic person to.
Please send out information to your players and members.

W.O.F. forum
We have started up a W.O.F. forum. We start with few forum and add more forums. Youth & Schools is one of them. Are you interested to take part in our discussions forum, please contact W.O.F. office.


Please send this out to your players and members!
W.O.F. need some help.
Proofreading and correcting text to good English.
If you know Drupal and want to help us we have an urgent project. 
Coming Othello projects
Are you interested to be involved in a Othello project? We search persons who love Othello and know c # MVC, Umbraco C #, typescript, Sass, MSSQL, Entity Framework, graphic experience to develop responsive interface, Foundation.
Persons who are interested can contact us,

Tourney Calender  
Please update the Tournament calender at OthelloNews with your federations tournaments. National Championships and tourneys who are in the W.O.C. -qualification. Contact OthelloNews with your tourneys -
World Othello Federation Office

We have started up the W.O.F. office. Please contact the office if you have any questions, askings, wishes.
We will help you as fast we can! You can also reach us directly at Facebook office hours in the World Othello Facebook group. There we chat the days we have Office hours.
Feel free to contact us with all kind of questions and thoughts.
We will answer directly, and if we cant the answer we contact the person wh can and you will get a answer.
World Othello Federation
The Office
Västerlånggatan 56, Inre gården 1tr.
111 29 Stockholm - SWEDEN
Phone, Whatsapp & Line: +46 720 16 52 22
Skype: Knebts
Office hours (GMT +01:00): 
Monday 08:00-12:00
Thursday 18:00-22:00
World Othello
World Othello

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