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Once Upon A Time...

First, the launch of Carly's Cupboard was a smashing success last week.  Thanks for all of you who placed orders.  There's a link to her order form at the bottom of this email.  Check it out!

Now I'm gonna tell you a story.  Grab a cup of tea, settle into a comfy chair, and set-a-while.  Before Alice's Kitchen, and even before owning & operating the Old Creamery with Amy, I was the head chef at Rowe Conference Center for 14 years.  Guests came each weekend from Friday dinner through Sunday lunch.  We prepared delicious food with love, and it was received with gratitude and appreciation by the conference leaders, guests, and staff.  

I did my very best to procure the best possible ingredients to make the most nourishing and scrumptious foods.  We had no problem getting people out of bed in the morning because we enticed them with amazing breakfasts.  Every Sunday morning I served hot cereal, along with many other items.  In the beginning, I tried every organic brand I could find and was very disappointed.  I finally discovered Penobscot Porridge from Maine, and served that for several years.  But I still knew I could do better. 

Amy and I purchased a used stone mill manufactured by Meadows Mills in North Carolina.  They make a mighty fine mill.  We set out to produce the best porridge EVER.  We purchased every organic whole grain we could find.  We found out that most hot cereal producers have one mill setting for hot cereal.  That wouldn't do for us.  Over several long days, we ground every grain on many settings, trying to find the exact right textures, from fine to coarse, for each grain.  We cooked and sampled each grind.  Then we began the combinations of grains.  We discovered that some grains were happy being ground on one setting, but other grains produced a better porridge if some was ground finer and some coarser.  We had dozens of bowls, all labeled with the grain and mill setting.  We had multiple pots cooking over many hours to try seemingly endless combinations.  Finally...AHA!  EUREKA!  VICTORY!

I proudly served it to the Rowe guests, to family, to friends.  We quickly lost track of the number of people who said it was the best hot cereal they had ever tasted.  We also couldn't count the number of people who told us that they were not hot-cereal-eaters.  "No...not me...I'm not tasting that", they would exclaim.  And when they tasted it, they became our most ardent fans.  Amy and I began a little side-business and made many hundreds of people much happier at their breakfast tables.  I served it every weekend at Rowe and we shipped it coast-to-coast.  We received thank you cards, messages of gratitude on our answering machine, and plentiful praise for our popular precious porridge. 

When we began at the Creamery we cooked it every Saturday morning for the post-yoga breakfast crowd.  People could order it straight-up" or "with the works" (yogurt, syrup, and raspberries).  More adoring fans.  Then we became too busy to grind.  And several years went by and we needed to take the mill apart, clean the grinding stones, put it all back together again, and re-calibrate the grind settings.  We never seemed to find the time. 

Lincoln Fishman of Sawyer Farm was visiting a year or two ago and we got to talkin' about the mill.  He grows delicious dried corn and was intrigued.  We promised we'd make a date "one of these days" to work on the mill.  And our busy lives got the better of us.  Well...on the cycle break...that day finally came!  Link, Amy and I dove in, dismantled, cleaned, and re-assembled the mill.  And I spent a few hours re-calibrating the mill settings.  And...VOILA!  Honey Hill Hot Porridge is re-born. 

We're offering our standard organic 6-grain, a wheat-free, and a gluten-free mix.  Three of the grains are even locally grown!  It takes about 10-15 minutes to cook and is equally delicious with farm-fresh milk and all the alternative non-dairy milks.  All three versions are on the "Extras" section of the menu.  If you'd like a small free sample, and you're placing an order or would like to stop by the kitchen, let me know.  We're very proud and excited to be re-introducing our nourishing and delicious Honey Hill Organic Hot Porridge!  Give it a try and let us know what you think.  Now I had better get to bed so that I can wake up and enjoy some porridge.  Sweet Dreams!
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Amy's Nursery, Wing & A Prayer,  is closed for the season .  Here is a partial 2018 list of plants.  All of Amy's plants have been chosen for their usefulness to bees, butterflies, and other pollinators.

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