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As our kitchen fills and fills and fills with produce that Amy picks/plucks/digs daily from the garden, I take a break from chopping and my mind wanders and wonders about harvest.  We're diligently filling our pantry with jams, chutneys, salsas, and sauces; our cellar with potatoes, squash, onions & garlic; our cold room with leeks, carrots, beets, cabbage, and turnips; and our freezer with berries, corn, cider and beans.  And I dream of meals and of cooking.  Fantastical foods made into exquisite meals.  But then I ponder.  What could make a more perfect moment of eating rapture than walking up to a tree laden with apples on a cool autumn day, listen to the wind rustle the branches, inhale the faint aroma of ripening fruit, walk 'round and 'round until you find the most perfect apple, polish it shiny, and take that first sublime, crisp, tart, juicy bite?  Life's most simple pleasures.  Available to all of us if we just take a moment, slow down, and let 

Our friend Heather showed up with a dandy surprise last week.  I was at the beginning of what turned out to be a nasty siege of a respiratory bug.  She had been on someone's land whose plum tree produced enough fruit for their family and their neighbors, and still had plums to spare. Lots of plums to spare.  Heather showed up with nearly a bushel of perfect, ripe Italian prune plums.  My favorite.  I had no appetite; I hadn't wanted food.  I polished a plum, took a bite, smiled ear-to-ear, and was transported to my childhood.  As a teen, I would go to the Italian fruit market with my Dad.  Each autumn we would come home with a full sack and sit at the kitchen table with a bowl overflowing with perfect purple prune plums.  One by one, we'd each grab one, polish it shiny, take a bite, chew, and smile.  Words weren't exchanged; just the simple joy of a shared experience.  The full bowl became empty, our bellies became full, and our hearts became happy.  And that bushel of plums from Heather became memories and a LOT of plum chutney.  It's on the menu this week!  

Take a moment this week.  Slow down.  Find an apple tree with apples to spare, choose the perfect one just for you, close your eyes...listen...smell...and take that first bite.  Revel in the harvest. 

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It is a joy to provide delicious, nourishing, and beautiful foods, prepared with care and love, for our community.


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