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Seeds, Sun, Scapes, Sprouts, & Stars!

Wow what a busy 2 weeks it has been - full of joy, hard work, accomplishments, and long lists.  I've rooted again in the soil of my soul (the gardens) and am heading back to the heart (our kitchen). 

The garden is more full of crops (though there's still a disturbing amount of "green" left in our seedling greenhouse!).  Many happy people ate delicious food from the kitchen at events ranging from a staff luncheon to a birthday brunch.  I had quite a few nights with 8 hours sleep (hooray Alice!!) and a few daytime naps (double pat on the back!).  Many of our friends have learned that the surest way to visit with us is to come and work with us, so we enjoyed some visits in the garden rows and nursery.  We said goodbye to one farm woofer (intern/helper) and hello and goodbye to another.  We harvested nettles, red clover blossom, strawberries, anise hyssop, mint, nasturtiums, garlic scapes, greens, lettuce, and rose petals.  We watched stars and clouds, sunrises and sunsets; listened to birds, bees, and chirping insects; and smelled the leaves and blossoms of countless flowers and herbs as we took delight in the pollinators landing on them.  

Though I treasure the time to catch up on other chores I get woefully behind with, I miss the regular rhythm of cooking for our weekly customers.  I enjoy seeing what's ready to harvest in our gardens and area farms; planning menus that will entice and please; having time of laughter, focus & creativity with my kitchen buds; and cooking my heart out and into the food.  I love packing the food into the coolers just so and heading out to spread the joy and nourishment.  I savor the quiet early morning and late work nights and revel in the more social in-between.  I treasure having the excuse of looking through my hundreds of cookbooks to be inspired by other chefs and cooks.  

So, I'm heading into another joy and creativity-filled 11-week cycle with a smile on my face and a bit more rest in my bones.  Please let me know if there's anything you're longing to see on the menus or if you have ideas about how we might better serve you.  

And on a different note, Amy's nursery, Wing and A Prayer, is chock-full of beautiful plants ready to feed and shelter the butterflies and bees on your land.  Our gardens are abuzz with bees and alight with butterflies.  Today Amy noticed that our first caterpillar, a black swallowtail, went into its chrysalis.  Amy's regular hours are Sundays and Mondays, 9-3, but she's happy to schedule other times when she's available.  It's worth the trip to come out and read the informative signs above dozens of the species of pollinator plants, sit in the comfy chairs and watch the pollinators and clouds, and listen to the birds and insects.  If she's not otherwise occupied, Amy will happily take time to share her breadth and depth of knowledge about pollinators, plants, and the relationships between them, and us, and all the other beings.   
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Amy's Nursery, Wing & A Prayer Nursery is open for business on Sundays and Mondays, 9-3, or by appointment (call 413-634-5659 or email us).  Here is the current list of plants.  All of Amy's plants have been chosen for their usefulness to bees, butterflies, and other pollinators.  We hope you will stop in for a visit and to chat about how to improve your garden habitat for pollinators.  The bees and butterflies are out and about and magic is afoot!

Please visit our website at  It is a joy to provide delicious, nourishing, and beautiful foods, prepared with care and love, for our community.


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