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Nurturing Ourselves In Challenging Times

It seems like moments turn into hours when I spend time trying to keep up with the state of affairs in our country.  It takes mindfulness and effort to hold the anxiety at bay.  So many conversations turn to the latest news.  Yet several times every day I sit down to eat. 

It may be a steaming bowl of creamy oatmeal with Amy's homemade yogurt and our frozen berries on top.  An afternoon snack of a honeybell orange, bursting with juice, both sweet and tart.  A slice of bread warm from the oven, whose aroma enticed me for what seemed like hours, slathered with butter and jam.  A riot of colors and textures in a salad of local vegetables and fruits. 

This ritual connects me with the earth that produced the food, the pollinators that made it possible,  the farmers that grew it, the loving hands that prepared it, and my beloved ones with whom I share a meal.  It grounds me in what is real and valued and important.  

The experience takes me right out of the world of information and thinking, and brings me right into the world of the body, of pleasure, of gratitude, of beauty.  It's so important, when our minds are flooded with media-overload, that we take moments to stop and care for ourselves and enjoy these simple gifts.  So this week, set a beautiful table with a candle, lay out some delicious foods, turn on soft music, and savor this daily ritual!
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It is a joy to provide delicious, nourishing, and beautiful foods, prepared with care and love, for our community.


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