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A Delicious Surprise

I stopped by Grace Hill Farm yesterday to pick up some milk.  Max & Amy have a beautiful farm, happy cows, and delicious milk.  But what was of keen interest to me yesterday was a cheese that has become legend in my imagination.  I've heard raves about their Cheesecake cheese for several years, but somehow never seemed to show up in the right place at the right time of year to try this treasure.  And there it was yesterday...right in their refrigerator.  Of course I purchased a wedge, brought it home, and tasted it right away.

It is every bit as delicious as I imagined all these years.  Max describes Cheesecake as a southern French lactic cheese with a delicate white rind, a tangy, delicate flavor and a cheesecake texture.  As far as he knows they're the only US cheesemaker with this style.  It is made by hand from their grass-fed raw cow’s milk, and aged 60 days.  It is super creamy, yet has the loveliest dry feel on the tongue.  Fascinating.  It truly is a rare treasure. 

I'm offering Grace Hill Farm Cheesecake cheese for $7.00/wedge to the first 10 lucky people who reply to this email. 

Also a reminder that Amy's Wing and A Prayer Nursery is open today and tomorrow from 9-3.  The number of varieties in her retail area are growing each day as more plants respond to these beautiful sunny days.  Stop by and browse.  These are perfect planting days.  She'll talk with you about pollinators and plants and the urgent need for all of us to plant more habitat for these crucial species.  And you can sit in the chairs in her nursery and watch and listen to the orioles, indigo buntings, and at least a half dozen elusive warblers. Hope to see you soon!

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