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All The Beautiful Colors (& sounds, smells, tastes, touches!)

This summer I am acutely aware of all the sensory stimulation of this season.  First the colors!  This morning I sleepily stumbled to the kitchen and looked out the window to look at Amy's flower and herb garden.  Newly opened was the most stunning salmon-red colored HUGE poppy.  Its' beauty took my breath away.  Throughout the rest of the day I paid particular attention to the colors.  So many shades of green.  The blue/grey/white/black skies.  The many colors of butterflies.  So many new flowers opening in every imaginable color and hue.  The deep brown color of the earth after the rain and the light brown color as soon as the moisture dried.  The brown grasses in the pasture and the brown deer in the field.  The orangey-red fox crossing the road and the indigo bunting perched on a white rock.  And then the foods in the garden and in the kitchen.  Tomatoes that are orange/red/yellow/purple/green; bluest blueberries, red and purple raspberries, every shade of green greens, yellow squash and white garlic.  I'm soaking it all in and storing up the pleasure to dole out in memories recalled in February. 

Once I tune into the beautiful sights I widen my perspective.  Summer's bounty takes many forms.  The sounds of the thunder and the bird song and raindrops and wind.  The buzz of the hummingbird as it whizzes by.  And the bees rapid wings.  The smell of the air after the brief rain that brings me right back to my childhood.  And the heavenly aroma of the rosa rugosa flowers.  And of course the abundance of sweet and savory, buttery and herby aromas in the kitchen.  The tickle of the drops of sweat dripping down my cheeks and the feeling of the breeze across my moist face and cool soil between my fingers as I plant in the earth.  And of course the tastes of summer.  Summer tastes like all the colors. 

When I teach people about cooking, many people ask "What should I eat?  What is healthy?"  My answer is always a variation on the following.  Eat as many different colors and textures of REAL food as possible every day.  Red beets and green kale and orange squash and brown chocolate and white turnips and pink rice and purple beans and yellow lemons and blue-berries.  Everything in moderation with as much enjoyment as you can muster. 

I'm going to enjoy the foods of summer this week - as many colors and textures as I can imagine with every flavor and aroma I can muster!

Give a call if you'd like to stop by and see Amy's Nursery (or just stop by and take a chance that you'll find her).  Her plants are beautiful and bountiful, and her stories about the pollinators and plants enchanting.  I learn something new from her each and every day. 
Community Supported Foods Membersclick here for this week's menu. 
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Please visit our website at for further information on all our programs.  We have many ideas about how Alice's Kitchen can help build and serve our hilltown community.  We're excited to share our resources in a myriad of ways.  Stay tuned for more details and let us know how we can best serve. 

Amy's Nursery is open for business.  The updated list of plants available in Amy's pollinator nursery is now posted on the website.  All of Amy's plants have been chosen for their usefulness to bees, butterflies, and other pollinators.  We hope you will stop in for a visit and to chat about how to improve your garden habitat for pollinators.  The bees and butterflies are out and about!

It is a joy to provide delicious, nourishing, and beautiful foods, prepared with care and love, for our community.


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