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Our Rain Dancin' Worked!!

The skies let loose and the rain was glorious! The earth sang with joy.  And Amy didn't mind one little bit getting soaked while harvesting for our food share on Sunday.  I felt like she was re-hydrating, just like our plants were. 

As the days are growing shorter, I'm struck by the miracle of summer.  Amy was talking this evening about the sunflowers that sprouted all over our vegetable garden in the spring.  She intended to dig and transplant the seedlings, but that never made it from the "to-do" list to the "done" list.  Now we have waves of bright and beautiful sunflowers dotted throughout the upper section of the gardens.  What a miracle to think of the tiny seeds that these majestic plants were less than 3 months ago. 

Amy's pollinator gardens are in mind-dazzling splendor right now.  The air is abuzz with pollinating bees and the fanciful flights of butterflies and hummingbirds.  The tips of the tallest plants provide a perch for hungry songbirds and the dense cover of the stems offer safety for our feathered friends. 

I'm in awe of the bold, rich, sensuous flavors of summer that are abundant right now, and keenly aware that our first frost could happen in a few short weeks (no...of course it won't, but it could!).  I love the transition times of the seasons.  Right now everything is SO FULLY summer, yet we're right on the edge of a very different time. 

As always, I'll remind myself to soak in the joys of the moment:  to turn my face to the hot sun and feel the heat; to eat a peach while it drips through my fingers and down my arms and face; to enjoy a perfectly ripe tomato every single day and memorize the magic of the fleeting flavor; to walk through the gardens with the aroma of rose petals, basil leaves, and lavender scenting my way; and maybe even to sit in the rocking chair in a cool shady spot, close my eyes, and bask in the joy of another summer day.  May the rest of your summer bring you many such moments.  And don't forget to watch the wondrous Perseid meteor showers on Thursday and Friday night next week!

We continue to support 10-year-old Paloma's efforts to raise money to go to South Africa; her fund-raising cukes are still offered on the produce menu. 

Amy's Nursery is open by appointment or chance!  Stop by and see her impressive variety of beautiful and affordable native pollinator plants.  The gardens are gorgeous!  Come sit amidst the beauty and be inspired. 
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Please visit our website at for further information on all our programs.  We have many ideas about how Alice's Kitchen can help build and serve our hilltown community.  We're excited to share our resources in a myriad of ways.  Stay tuned for more details and let us know how we can best serve. 

Amy's Nursery is open for business.  The updated list of plants available in Amy's pollinator nursery is now posted on the website.  All of Amy's plants have been chosen for their usefulness to bees, butterflies, and other pollinators.  We hope you will stop in for a visit and to chat about how to improve your garden habitat for pollinators.  The bees and butterflies are out and about!

It is a joy to provide delicious, nourishing, and beautiful foods, prepared with care and love, for our community.


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