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Apples Again!


Amy and I had the pleasure of spending an afternoon with our nephew's wife and their two toddler daughters, pressing apple cider.  Here is the cast of characters:

* 1st generation:  Mary and Dick - great grandma and great grandpa
* 2nd generation:  Amy and Alice - great aunties
* 3rd generation:  Felisha -mom
* 4th generation:  Layla and Charleigh, the toddlers!

Here's the setting: 
It's a gorgeous, sunny, warm autumn afternoon with golden light reflecting off the stunning foliage.
1st scene:  Felisha, Layla, and Charleigh stopped by Grandma & Grandpa's house to pick apples.
2nd scene:  We gathered at the apple press to make apple cider.

And the plot unfolded:
It began with Mary and Dick planting apple trees and lovingly tending them for the past 15 years, and their joy in sharing that with their grandkids and great grandkids.  Add in Amy's and my orchard, several picking adventures along roadsides and in the yards of friends and neighbors, and that brings us to apple pressing day with 14 or 15 bushels of apples ready to press into cider. 

The thing that struck Amy and I the most was both the impulse to feed and the joy of participating in the fun and work.  Mary and Dick have taught all the generations the value of hard work, service to others, community spirit, family loyalty, and the joy of nurturing loved ones.  We saw the lessons embodied in so many ways. 

It began with Felisha bringing us a loaf of freshly baked sweet bread as a gift (and it surely tasted delicious after the several hours of cranking that press!!).  The girls had the opportunity to pick apples, help press them into cider, eat apples (I think Charleigh sampled dozens!) and drink copious quantities of cider (Daddy was on diaper duty that night!).  The girls even got to bring the resulting apple mash down to the pigs.  The joy of feeding others isn't limited to just feeding humans.....the pigs were much more vociferous in their appreciation of the food than most anyone I've ever fed!  Layla certainly took time to swing on the swing and run in the pasture, but once she "caught the bug" of helping in the process, she was driven and relentless!  It began with both girls standing on a chair and dropping the apples into the hopper.  Eventually,  Layla's tiny body was cranking the huge wheel that drove the cider press, with intense focus and strength far beyond what I would imagine is the capability of a 4 year-old.   We were not only impressed; our tired muscles were grateful! 

We all went home with full hearts and bellies, tired muscles, and enough cider to freeze and sustain us through a long winter.  But the greatest gift was the joy of 4 generations sharing precious time and making cherished memories. 

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It is a joy to provide delicious, nourishing, and beautiful foods, prepared with care and love, for our community.


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