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Intensity Outside and Steady Calm Inside

Wow, what a week!  From 21 degrees below zero on Sunday morning to nearly 50 degrees on Tuesday afternoon.  I endured one of the most challenging delivery runs with torrential rain, slush that slopped over the tops of my shoes, glare ice, and fog.  We've received heartbreaking phone calls from friends and loved ones experiencing really difficult medical issues.  A Supreme Court justice died and our government officials are bickering like children.  We have the first climate change refugees in the continental United States. Every now and then the heartache and hardship come tumbling in like flood waters.  And I long to find solace.  It is usually only a few steps away; you can see the bridge to my sanctuary in the photo above. 

When I pick up my knife and begin cooking, so much of the outside world melts away.  I find that place of contentment, the moments of peace, a flood of joy.  Over and over again, in the kitchen...preparing food for dear ones...I feel gratitude.  I behold the beauty of the vegetables and fruits. I wonder at those who produced the olive oil, harvested the cacao beans, and lovingly tended to the cheese that I hold in my hands.  I look out the window and see a bird in flight, a snowflake landing on the glass, the stately silhouette of a bare tree.  As I cook, the aromas and sounds transport me.  I still hold the knowledge and awareness of all the difficult things.  But I am reminded of the goodness. 

I hope you can taste the goodness and feel the steady calm in the food.  And for those of you who inquired after last week's newsletter...yes, the late night waltz in the kitchen did happen on Sunday during our cooking time and it was wonderful. Thanks to the Nields for the beautiful music, thanks to Amy for the dance, and thanks to all of you for your continued support.

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Please visit our website at for further information on all our programs.  We have many ideas about how Alice's Kitchen can help build and serve our hilltown community.  We're excited to share our resources in a myriad of ways.  Stay tuned for more details and let us know how we can best serve. 

It is a joy to provide delicious, nourishing, and beautiful foods, prepared with care and love, for our community.


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