voxel records news #11 june 2015
greetings, voxel follower!
hi there to fans of underground indie electronica - we are back again with some more great music discovered out there in the internet, far beyond the stars. we have completed the updates to the website, so it is now more friendly to mobiles, AND we have made our merch stall look a bit more like home. expect to see more exclusive designs appearing over at the store in the next few weeks.
despite his epic fail at meeting a deadline for the next release, the new maze car single is on its way for mastering. there is no going back, and the new single will be out in early july. two speedy, fizzy, beat-laden tracks are on offer, and show the latest creative direction taken by our resident producer. keep tuned to our feeds for updates - we hope you will like it!
du by ping pong club - each track on ppc's stream starts with ambient bird song and the sweet, soothing sound of the plastic shell bouncing across the table. this particular tune melts into a new genre of 8-bit lounge-core -  a beautiful chord sequence and meandering melody are imparted by distorted, yearnful retro synthesisers, and the shuffling rhythm makes the ensemble totally mellow and ultra cool. pass a paddle - we want to play too ...
Monster by LoveBOX - this is fantastique electronic post-punk from France. the throbbing synths create an awesome aura of power which is anchored to the cogent acoustic drums, and the vocal duet parts play off each other brilliantly as they switch between French and English lyrics. we would love to hear more from this band - and bet that they put on a great live performance!
Make You Understand by Bufinjer - this track is from the album Synical, released in conjunction with fellow underground electronicals weatnu records. the music echoes of 90s industrial (from the effected snares to the acidic minor-key riff), but it carves its own niche. a groovy break marches underneath as fx wail overhead and the dark, spiny, distorted timbres drive everything along with menace. throughout the album, the beats and tempo trip between various genres, but Bufinjer's own original style is consistent throughout.