voxel records news #10 may 2015
greetings, voxel follower!
we are back again with a clutch of great new mixes from the cloud. our subtle (but mobile-friendly) changes to the website are taking shape and should be completed soon - we hope you will like the new look and feel, as you stroke your black mirrors in search of excellent tunage :D
maze car has completed the first demo cut for his next single. it is named (somewhat enigmatically) febone and you can listen to it here. he describes the tune as "fizzing up-tempo breakbeat noodling" and hopes to complete the final cut for release this month - definitely worth checking out if you are a lover of speedy beat-laden riffs.
didactylus by slothful - there are a number of interesting tracks over on slothful's stream, and those we tasted were all of a groovy, weighty and downtempo persuasion. didactylus meanders through powerful dub-step swells to culminate a superb stadium synth solo: whilst this may conjure up images of smoke machines, garish lighting and the questionable sartorial tendencies of the 1980s, it also leaves us with the satisfaction of something distinctly tasteful and contemporary.
Sin by Demian Licht - this track from the mexican produceress is strangely compelling. the de facto plastik techno beat is present but ubiquitous within the arrangement. mesmeric rhythms and timbres are conveyed through the distorted rumble of a deep filter bass-line below, and the hissing atmospheres above. the "sin" lyric acts as a rhythmical garnish throughout, but it is the simplicity of the evolving background that makes this track stand out.
SKYDADDY by Leroy - this australian producer opens the track with twitching tweets and 8-bit pops. some are thick and juicy, others thin and puny, but it is a mission statement that precedes the launch into a tasty funk groove. the glitched tones continue to eddy as the tune reduces to a simple but effective offbeat, driven by the super-thick bass drum and snare. it disappears into spacey reverb and deep bass, before reappearing with stabs and spiky fills - like a jackson pollock smattering across the full frequency spectrum. start here for your glitch funk 101 - great work.